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  • Responsible investment
    Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters are now a key component of the process of investment decision-making and portfolio management.
  • Sustainable finance
    Traditional and innovative new funding sources are increasingly prioritising organisations and projects that focus on climate and social considerations.

To achieve its ambitious climate targets, the European Union has established a new framework for sustainability legislation, which will transform the entire structure of the economy both in the European Union and in Hungary, bringing fundamental changes to all economic players in Hungary. The new EU regulatory trends along with international ESG market processes tend to impose rapidly changing and increasingly stringent sustainability regulations and market expectations on Hungarian corporations. This will impact on nearly every aspect of business operations, including fundraising, production, taxation, procurement, supply chain management, human capital, and corporate financial reporting.  

As a result, the sustainability indicators of corporations will increasingly become financially material, which will require auditing by trusted partners. We have launched and are constantly expanding the range of our sustainability services because we want to be the trusted partner for our clients in Hungary in this new compliance environment as well.  Our services are aimed at ensuring that our clients comply with the ever stricter international and Hungarian sustainability regulations as well as expectations from the market, and thereby maintain their competitiveness. We want to contribute to our clients’ competitive advantage over the long term by assisting them in setting up sustainable operations and adopting best market practices.

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Anita Hatta

Anita Hatta

Partner | ESG Assurance Services, PwC Hungary

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