Sustainability strategy and transformation

The most important initial step of the transition to sustainable operations is creating a sustainability strategy, which will enable your corporation to adopt the ESG guidelines in your internal operations while:

  • following a clear vision as well as defining quantifiable goals and indicators,
  • observing legislation and considering market expectations to the highest extent,
  • covering all stakeholders,
  • reflecting the ambitions of your corporation’s senior management,
  • integrating all past sustainability policies and achievements,
  • clearly defining roles,
  • and maximising the full business potential of sustainability in line with your business strategy

Our services

Our experts help the transformation to sustainability - we offer consulting services for all stages of the journey. Our expertise is based on several years of comprehensive experience, through getting to know countless clients and management styles.

We help you make the right decisions to become a sustainable business with the following services:

  • Integrating sustainability into the corporate strategy
  • Impact strategy
  • Consistency with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Embracing development
  • Technology and innovation

As a partner, we support You…


  • The first step is to understand which environmental, social or governance (ESG) factors are most relevant to your company. The dynamics of the industry, the company's strategic position, changing regulations and potential value creation must be taken into account.
  • Afterwards, it is necessary to define the appropriate ambitions and combine them with ESG factors and sustainable development goals, thus forming the strategy, operational processes and ensuring management support
  • Consider the investor perspective in value creation!
  • Create a personalized, specific sustainability roadmap that helps you realize your vision!
  • Define the right goals, indicators and steps to keep moving towards your goals!

Operational model

  • We help you implement your sustainability goals into your operational procedures.
  • We define the appropriate organizational model for the effective implementation of sustainability plans. In doing so, we take into account the current operating model and company culture.
  • We integrate your sustainability roadmap into daily operations, for example, into work processes decision-making and corporate culture.
  • It is necessary to implement appropriate measurement and incentive systems so that sustainability is incorporated into the performance management system.
  • We adapt your technological and IT background to cope with the challenges of the sustainability strategy implementation.


Anita Hatta

Anita Hatta

Partner | ESG Assurance Services, PwC Hungary

Antal Kerekes

Antal Kerekes

Partner | Sustainable Strategy, PwC Hungary

Csaba Polacsek

Csaba Polacsek

Partner | ESG Financial and Real Estate Advisory, PwC Hungary

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