Treasury advisory & commodity management

Currency, cash, commodities and technology - helping you navigate volatility

Companies are managing a wider range of risks and complexities than ever before. Commodity trading, foreign exchange (FX) volatility, market complexity and changing regulations are the new normal. These impact businesses across different industry sectors in different ways, placing CFOs under increased pressure to stay on top of current and emerging issues. Organizations must understand the importance of managing uncertainty and other variables effecting financial performance. 

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Our team of dedicated professionals advises organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity. We offer integrated treasury advisory solutions and a broad range of complementary skills in accounting, taxation, internal controls, information technology and risk management. We are committed to providing comprehensive support and working closely with you to achieve your strategic business objectives. 


Treasury design

Do you have an underperforming treasury process requiring reengineering?

We will design and benchmark treasury policies and strategies for you and will share best practice on treasury reporting and treasury operating models.

Governance & Controls

Have you identified weaknesses in controls or lack visibility of treasury risk and exposures?
Do you plan to start using new and complex derivatives? 

We offer advice and support with the design and implementation of appropiate treasury function controls and structure.


Do you rely mainly on manual processing, exposing you to risk of errors and inefficiencies?

Does your treasury IT solution limit you in your reporting, governance or treasury function growth targets?

We can advise you on best practice treasury functions for your business and provide support in redesign of your treasury processes.

Cash & Liquidity management

Do you have surplus cash with low returns?

Do you need clear visibility of cash flows?

We offer solutions that provide visibility over cash, working capital and cash flow forecasting that are fully integrated with key IT systems. 

FX Risk Management

Are you affected by movements in foreign exchange?

Do foreign currency movements result in losses, have adverse impacts on loan covenants and/or tax consequences?

We offer effective FX management solutions that result in:

  • reduction of income statement FX volatility and better tax cash outflows;
  • greater understanding of FX cash flow impacts with potential competitive advantages


Do you have material exposures in commodities (electricity, gas, oil, etc.)?

We will help you to understand and manage your commodity exposure.


Do you have access to independent valuations of your financial instruments?

We will help you to generate valuations for:

  • all your financial instruments
  • inclusion in the disclosures for your financial statements
  • that support you in your application of hedge accounting


Do you need accounting advice due to changes in accounting policies?

Are you facing new or non-standard transactions?

We offer you treasury accounting advice to support:

  • better alignment of financial results with risk management strategies; and is
  • fully integrated with key systems

IFRS 9 - The new financial instruments standard is well recognized as being a big change in accounting, in some cases the biggest such change in living memory.

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Training & Upskilling

Do you keep updated on the latest developments with respect to regulations, reporting, industry and market developments? Do you want to explore possibilities to improve your current treasury environment? 

Practical trainings and workshops that focus on various topics in order to further develop your treasury environment.

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Are you getting lost in new regulations? MIFID, EMIR…

We will evaluate what is relevant for your business and set up the processes. 

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