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Hungarian Accountants and Chamber of Auditors mandatory credit points

Earn your mandatory credits with PwC’s Academy’s e-learning and webinar courses.

* 60-day access / e-learning on PwC’s Academy E-learning Portal 
** PwC’s Academy’s classroom trainings in Autumn 2017

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Training courses for which credits are awarded

1. Continuing professional development for auditors

The Training Rules of the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors require each member of the Chamber to collect a minimum 16 credit points a year.
Of those yearly credits, 4 credits (1 day) must be obtained in a centrally organised general training course (compulsory training), while the additional 12 credits (2-4 days) can be acquired in training courses organised by or with the participation of a chamber organisation, or by a company or institute accepted by the Chamber, or at Hungarian or international conferences, in training courses and topics accepted by the Chamber.
PwC’s Academy qualifies as an institution organising professional training courses recognized with credit points, and, therefore, the Chamber awards credit points for the successful completion of our courses.

2. Continuing professional development for tax advisors, tax experts and certified tax experts

Registered tax advisors, tax experts and certified tax experts are required to participate in continuing professional development courses in their registered field of expertise.
Those who are required to attend training events will have to earn a minimum of 100 credit points in at least three calendar years within the five-year period (i.e. the 100 credit points will have to be collected during at least three years, and the maximum period allowed will be five years). The list of eligible training events can be found in Decree No 26/2008 (VIII. 30.) of the Minister of Finance.
Participants may earn credit points by completing the continuing education programmes offered by PwC’s Academy and certified by the Tax Advisor, Certified Tax Expert and Tax Expert Committee.

3. Continuing professional development for accounting professionals

Under Government Decree No. 93/2002, certified accountants are required to complete a 16-hour continuing professional development course every year. The planned amendment to the relevant regulations will fundamentally change the training system of certified accountants.

In addition to its highly popular international accounting courses, PwC’s Academy also offers a continuing professional development course for accounting professionals (“mandatory training for certified accountants”).

You can learn more about the credit points here.

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