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PwC's Academy

High level training courses for business leaders and experts of the future

Who we are

In today’s rapidly changing business environment it becomes more and more important to have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of various business processes and correlations and to work with highly competent and motivated people who know what is going on in the Hungarian marketplace and are prepared to meet the challenging requirements.

PwC’ several years’ experience and international knowledge base allows us to support the business and economic growth and social development in Hungary and to provide overall professional support through PwC’s Academy with its complex and competitive trainings.

Our goals 


PwC’s Academy, with its high level training courses provided in the fields of finance, accountancy, tax, law, human resources, internal audit, controlling, management and business skills, is committed to help develop business leaders and experts of the future and help enterprises stay ahead of competitors.

Some reasons for choosing PwC's Academy:


  • Our Quality Commitment - high quality at all times
  • Experience and knowledge - our experience and knowledge
  • Our Approach - we are not simply teaching people, we are helping them realise their best potential
  • Our Tutors - experienced and qualified tutors, who are the best in their fields
  • PwC Network - availability of the global PwC knowledge base to you

Be addicted to IFRS!

PwC experts developed an IFRS GAME, a learning solution which doubles your return on investment in learning and development. We launched the first module on IFRS 16 the new leasing standard.

Gamification of learning materials is an engaging experience for people working in business throughout the world.

It puts the learners in control, who become professional in IFRS without even noticing it. The game ranks the results in real-time, awards achievements thus creating a competitive environment in your organisation. It drives behaviour towards recognizing knowledge and endeavor. 



Our trainers

Gábor Balázs

Miklós Novák

Mónika Keztyűs
Senior Manager

Lívia Márkus-Rácz

Boglárka Herczeg
Senior Consultant

Gábor Halmosi

Roland Balogh
Senior Manager

Ágnes Andor

Bálint Szilágyi

Miklós Klenanc

Péter Honyek

Péter Heronyányi
Senior Manager

Norbert Czilják
Senior Manager

Miklósné Buczi
Senior Consultant

Contact us

Katalin Szilágyi

PwC's Academy leader, PwC Hungary

Ilona László

Manager, PwC Hungary

Tel: +36 30 824 1277

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