State Aid & Incentive Services

We offer comprehensive consulting services related to incentives from the national budget and EU funds, and to investment location selection.

How can PwC help you?

I. Site selection

• Advise on identifying parameters relevant for the location selection (e.g. in connection with labour market, infrastructure, plots/office space available)
• Preparing an analysis to the investor regarding the chosen relevant factors taking into consideration industry-, and company-specific features. We can help our Clients regarding several countries with the involvement of PwC network.
• Comparing different investment locations along the defined parameters and preparing a location analysis for investment decision.
• Organizing and facilitating site visits, keeping contact with the relevant authorities and other market players (e.g. HR firms).

II. State aid related advisory services

• Identifying relevant subsidy opportunities from national and EU funds, especially for investment, job creation, R&D, training and other projects
• Supporting the preparation of the application for incentives with the aim of achieving the best available possibility. Reviewing the fulfilment of the conditions of the selected incentive(s).
• Assisting with the negotiations with the authorities
• Advising Subsidy Contracts
• Subsidy project management (incl. subsidy payment request, monitoring reports etc.)
• Assisting with the review of incentives

Subsidy alert

34 Further opportunities for large enterprises to receive VIP cash subsidy from 1 January 2017
33 Tender call supporting investments of large companies is available again
32 New R+D+I subsidy opportunity in Central Hungary - June
31 New R+D+I subsidy opportunity in Central Hungary
30 New subsidy available in Central-Hungary for supporting 
enterprises’ R&D&I activities
29 Are you aware of the changes to the rules on EKD investment subsidies?
28 Important news: modified public procurement rules for subsidized projects
27 Important change: new public procurement rules for subsidized projects
26 Tender call for subsidies on R&D Excellence and Competitiveness 
contracts (GINOP-2.2.1-15) opens again
25 The first tender calls for R&D&I have been published
24 Tender calls for EU-financed subsidies will soon open to support development and 
competitiveness of small- and medium-sized enterprises
23 New rules on stat aid for training employees and for establisihng and improving vocational training facilities
22 New regulation on investment cash subsidies based on an individual donor’s decision (Print version)
21 Regional non-refundable cash subsidies continue to be available until 30 June 2014
20 Non-refundable cash subsidies under the site development and industrial location
19 Non-refundable cash subsidies for the agricultural and food industries related to R&D projects
18 Research and development projects are once again eligible 
for non-refundable cash subsidies

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Dr. Barbara Koncz
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Dr. Tamás Lőcsei
Partner - Tax, Legal and Incentive Services
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