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Change is coming faster today than ever before and companies must adapt. PwC’s experts have extensive experience in digital technology to support positioning within the ongoing consolidation of markets, and exploring new funding opportunities. As consultants to many of the dominant global companies, PwC specialists monitor the most important trends that affect the future of the industry and help ensure your business is able to take advantage of changing economic conditions, shifting consumer behaviour patterns and technological advancements.

Our services

IT implementation and system integration

CIO agenda, project lifecycle management

Digital architecture

Artificial intelligence

  • RPA process automation
  • NLP technologies
  • Machine vision, image processing

Industry 4.0

  • Digital maturity assessment
  • Digitisation of supply channels
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Sensor technology

Digital IT architectures – Chief Architect

Digital business

Development of digital services

  • Mobile and web apps development
  • Development of business cases and strategies for market entry
  • Digital operating model and process design

Fintech services

  • Fintech strategy for banks
  • Fintech services integration
  • PSD2 business models
  • Strategy and market-entry support to Fintech companies

Introduction of disruptive technologies (beacon solutions, drones, blockchain, social listening, chatbots) 

  • Technology impact analysis
  • Business case development
  • Pilot design and implementation 
  • Developing long-term operational models

IT Portfolio Management

Most companies face the challenges posed by the continuously increasing volume and complexity of digital projects, driven by technological advances. IT implementation makes up a significant portion of these projects, where planning, alignment, execution and follow-up activities have serious impact on the future of the entire company. A company’s optimal project portfolio takes into account capacity, competencies, constraints on material and technical resources, and interactions between the projects in each unit of the organization. Our specialists aid companies in improving their project portfolio management processes, techniques and tools to maximize the organization's ability to deliver products and services. We help you optimize the quality you deliver and capacity you utilize, resulting in an effective digital transformation.

Robotic process automation

Want to reduce time spent on manual tasks and focus your employees’ talents on value-adding activities? RPA software is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-deploy tool to perform manual, time-consuming, rules-based office tasks, while it sits on existing applications, eliminating resource consuming software development.



How CEOs can tap AI’s full potential

CEOs must create a strategy for combining people and technology to change the way work gets done. The challenge is to understand the interactions between people and technology, and create a strategy for how the two can come together. The sheer scope of change can be overwhelming. But CEOs can begin to develop this vision by focusing on five areas.


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