Tax Reporting & Strategy

Today's challenges

Our experience has shown us that even the most professional payroll specialist often does not follow the most efficient processes or industry best practices.

How can PwC help?

Our experts provide complex services in matters related to payroll activities, such as cost-effectiveness, the use of tax incentives and state aid, paper-based and electronic documentation.


Tax returns / deferred tax

  • Services pertaining to tax returns: direct and indirect taxes
  • Preparing, checking and filing tax returns
  • Checking tax statements and calculating deferred tax liabilities

Accounting services

  • Performing accounting for corporations and non-profit organisations in compliance with the Hungarian accounting regulations
  • Checking bookkeeping records, providing assistance in other operational accounting tasks (including IFRS)
  • Preparing annual financial statements, simplified annual financial statements, and consolidated annual financial statements
  • Preparing financial statements in compliance with the Hungarian statutory requirements on the basis of books kept in accordance with other international standards (IFRS/US GAAP), calculation of differences
  • Preparing IFRS compliant reporting packages
  • Preparing statistical and other reports, filing with authorities (Central Statistical Office, National Bank of Hungary)
  • Performing other accounting tasks (preparing and updating accounting policies, and other mandatory policies, etc.)

Payroll accounting

  • Monthly/quarterly/annual payroll accounting
  • Performing HR administrative tasks in relation to payroll accounting
  • Comprehensive social security payer services
  • Cafeteria administration
  • Transferring wages and public dues payable
  • Reviewing the efficiency of payroll accounting, covering process and system development
  • Accounting allowances for benefits, taxes and social security contributions
  • Providing trainings in payroll, social security and HR administration

Tax Strategy & Operations

  • Assessment and improvement of tax function
  • Tax management maturity model (T3M)
  • Tax risk management assessment
  • Tax control environment design/audit/evaluation
  • Tax function (re)design support
  • Tax strategic planning
  • Central coordination of regional tax reporting obligations

Consulting on tax and accounting technology

  • Comprehensive technological review of tax and accounting functions
  • Consulting on selection of tax and accounting technologies
  • Automating and supporting the preparation of financial statements and tax returns
  • Automating tax and accounting processes
  • Setting up data connections between ERP systems

Audit of Tax

  • Tax review services relating to audit clients

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