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Paperless Office


PwC Hungary helps your company to set up proper and complient e-invoicing processes in order to avoid receiving and issuing paper invoices in the future.


Both paper-based and elctronic documents may be archived electronically. If your company intends to introduce an e-archiving method in line with local regulations, PwC Hungary's specialzed team is at your disposal.


Many companies are using different types of e-signatures for various purposes, aiming to make e-contracting and e-document processing possible. If your company is interested in the legal regulation and practical consideartions regarding e-signatures, PwC Hungary can help you.

Digitalization of paper based documents

Do you know that your company can digitize old paper-based documents, allowing it to retain only the digitized version of them?

Process digitialization

PwC Hungary's specialised tax team, together with the legal and smart tax teams, support companies by providing ideas and exact IT solutions to set up the framework for digitalized processes in order to replace paper-based procedures.
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Environmental taxes

Environmental protection product fee

Most manufacturing and trading companies have product fee liabilities. The product fee has also become one of the focus points of tax audits. 

PwC Hungary’s experts can assist clients in assessing risks in their product fee compliance and help them with improving their product fee processes to limit those risks. We have also secured significant product fee savings for many Clients who have overpaid.

Excise duties / energy taxes

The excise regulations require strict compliance and administration, including licensing and reporting obligations. This leads to companies often struggling with inefficient or inaccurate compliance processes and under- or overpaying excise duties. 

PwC can assist you with identifying risk areas and solving the underlying problems, implementing an integrated excise compliance system (including obtaining the necessary licences) and potentially recover overpayments.

Other environmental taxes

PwC Hungary’s experts can provide clients with all relevant information about other environmental taxes, such as the environmental load charge, vehicle-related taxes (including registration tax), forestry fund duty, charge on water extraction and mining royalty.

Equal salary

Equal pay is a basic expectation of employees, an obligation and a human right. PwC helps its clients in becoming Equal-Salary certified by closing the gender pay gap and creating an equal and inclusive workplace of the future. To this end, PwC's multicultural experts offer a wide range of services that will help companies assess their compliance with the law and relevant standards.
EQUAL-SALARY certification

Sustainable accounting

Assessment of the current accounting environment in the light of ESG.

PwC Hungary helps compaies gain insight into the company accounting environment (policies, documents, practices, software). Based on this assessment, the company will be familiar with what points need to be kept or adjusted to fit the ESG related requirements.

Bookkeeping, tax compliance, payroll and reporting services compliance with the ESG principles

We provide services for various industries aligned with the Hungarian statutory requirements on the basis of books kept in accordance with other international standards with focus on ESG. Preparing ESG compliance management reports and the statistical statements requested.
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Consulting on tax and accounting technology on ESG

PwC Hungary's specialised technology team, can help you automate your business processes. We can conduct a comprehensive technological review of tax and accounting functions to help your company standardise your processes and  prepare your ESG-related reports in the most secure and automated manner. 
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State subsidies

The Innovation Fund is one of the world’s largest funding programmes for the demonstration of innovative low-carbon technologies. It is a key funding instrument for delivering the EU’s economy-wide commitments under the Paris Agreement and its objective to become climate-neutral by 2050. PwC supports clients from A-Z in the application process, starting by a pre-assessment analysis of the proposal, where financial, technical, and business elements are composed in a comprehensive and coherent pattern.
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