Community engagement

"Our responsibility to others begins at home and extends to the communities in which we live and work. We have invested in innovative solutions at PwC Hungary and in the global network for years, and the current circumstances afford even more opportunities for online learning and cooperation."

Tamás Lőcsei
Country Managing Partner, PwC Hungary

Volunteer Day - general and skilled-based projects

The firm’s annual Volunteer Day was organized on Saturday, 15 October 2022, with nearly 250 colleagues taking part in various professional and physical volunteering activities. During the day, some of our colleagues helped with litter picking and trail maintenance in Pilis near Budapest, while others provided career advice and gave presentations on exciting professional topics at the HiSchool career day to around 1,500-2,000 students at Corvinus University. Other colleagues stayed in the Budapest office, where we organized a special day with lots of playful activities for nearly 30 disadvantaged children. Members of the legal team supported the maintenance work of the Maltese Charity Service's Adoption House on this day. Our colleagues from Győr also volunteered - they restored the tourist rest areas and information signs on the hiking trail.

A sports day with children living in children’s homes

In September 2021, we invited almost 200 children from the child protection system as well as prominent athletes to our ÖnkénTesi event to exercise, cook, and craft together. The programme included teqball, basketball, ice hockey, football, trampoline, wall climbing and zumba classes, among others. In addition to the children and sportspeople, our employees also contributed to the success of the day: more than 20 colleagues helped the organisers as booth staff, and we had almost 80 animators.

Civil Mentoring Programme

In March 2017, the Pro Bono Team at PwC Hungary launched a mentoring programme for non-profit organisations. We welcome applications from organisations that are committed to learning and development, and are open to acquiring a business mindset. During the training programme, our goal is for organisations to learn a business approach that helps to ensure smooth and sustainable operations in the long run.



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ÖnkénTesi 2021

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Szőke Cecília

Szőke Cecília

PR Vezető Menedzser, PwC Hungary

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Mészáros Balázs

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