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It's time to accelerate the pace of change

"At no time has the need for alignment of economic growth, social progress and environmental sustainability been more important - and at no time have we been better positioned to tackle the challenge ahead. Governments and business need to adopt and adapt to the new measures of prosperity provided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

Bob Moritz Global Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited

For a very long time, economies delivered effectively for societies - with people living healthier, longer and more prosperous lives. But over recent decades, there has been a steady separation of economic growth and societal progress, leaving many people behind. 

Business needs to be part of the solution. We're making change that starts with us while helping to evolve economies to once again deliver for society.


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PwC's Environment and Community Commitments  | Duration 02:11

Our focus

The firm supports many charitable organisations and community events in Bermuda throughout the year and encourages our people to get involved.

Family Centre 

As part of our partnership with Family Centre, we offer support in a number of ways, including an annual financial contribution, volunteer time of our more than 200 people and our support in fundraising initiatives and strategies. 

Family Centre's critical mission in our community is supporting children suffering from problems such as abuse, neglect, and other emotional challenges. They offer counselling and support services to at-risk children and their families to help them change their lives and create a positive future.

Our people support a number of annual Family Centre fundraising events, including: 

  • Beach Bash 
  • Cup Match Tag Day 
  • Lip Sync Contest 
  • Cycle for Change 

Ocean Tech 

We are excited to be the first corporate sponsor and a mission partner of a groundbreaking scientific research project aimed at revealing the deepest secrets of marine life in the Atlantic Ocean. Ocean Tech hopes to provide new data that could justify the establishment of marine protected areas and other conservation measures around the world.

A team of Bermudian and international engineers, scientists and marine experts plan to study five iconic marine species using unique autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that are designed and built by US-based Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and fitted with sensors, scanners and 360° virtual reality video cameras. They will follow marine animals autonomously to reveal their deepest secrets. The team hope to follow and film Galapagos and dusky sharks, tiger sharks, giant tarpon, spotted eagle rays, lion fish and humpback whales.

Family Centre Homework & Study Academy 

Each school year up to 15 of our PwC associates and managers volunteer more than 100 hours two afternoons a week to support Family Centre's Homework & Study Academy. Family Centre partners with Dellwood Middle School to provide students with a best-practice, community-supported Homework & Study Academy.

This programme has been specifically designed to provide each child with the level and style of support they need to achieve their homework goals.  Our awesome group of volunteers, led by senior associate Chelsea Terceira, not only help the students with their homework but also mentor and support them by engaging with them in a positive way and encouraging their efforts, creativity and academic potential. 

AC Endeavour Program

We are proud to have the opportunity to contribute to the America's Cup legacy Endeavour youth sailing program. It has allowed many children who may not have had the opportunity to experience sailing to do so. Our volunteers provide ongoing support to ensure its success, and were instrumental in working to transform two rundown buildings into state of the art educational facilities for the programme.  

AC Endeavour Program enables hundreds of middle school students across Bermuda to learn more about sailing through a cross-curricular STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Education Program. Students participate in a five-day program featuring experiential learning and increase their understanding of water safety and sailing knowledge.

They also have the opportunity to learn how to sail with four types of boats: Hobie Wave, RS Feva, O’Pen Bic, and Optimists, and develop their skills with certified sailing instructors. 

Relay for Life 

Nearly 100 PwC volunteers support this annual event in support of the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre to raise awareness and funds to support cancer prevention and detection and to improve access to treatment with the local establishment of radiation therapy. PwC is the event’s luminaria sales & display host and sponsor, assisting in luminaria sales and the placing of hundreds of luminaries around the track for a ceremony at the National Sports Centre in honour of loved ones lost to cancer.

UT7 Series & Tournament 

Supporting youth education and sports programmes is a key part of our corporate responsibility strategy and this sponsorship is especially meaningful to us as it serves as a memorial for our former PwC colleague Uthmani Talbot. Organised by football coach Andrew Bascome and Uthmani’s brother, Khomeini Talbot, its aim is to help fulfil Uthmani’s vision of improving the level of football in Bermuda.

With the regular football season coming to an end, there is a critical need to provide the most important age groups; players aged15 up to 25, the ability to continue to develop and play in a structured manner. The UT7 Football Tournament is open to all players regardless of club, school or college team affiliation. 

Kappa Classic 

We are pleased to connect our brand with the largest youth sporting event in Bermuda. Thanks to the vision of the organisers, partnerships with businesses and a team of dedicated volunteers, the Kappa Classic football tournament now takes place over three days and is competed for by over 1,000 boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 14.

Pro bono services

PwC has a long history of delivering professional services to not-for-profit organisations and charities. Pro bono work enables our people to use their skills to assist and engage with community organisations in need. Delivering our expertise to community organisations is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things we can do. 

HeadStart programme

Up to $65,000 in scholarships is awarded annually to young Bermudians through our HeadStart programme and our partnership with the Association of Bermuda International Companies (ABIC) 

HeadStart provides career opportunities for talented and ambitious young Bermudians. We know the quality of our service to clients is dependent upon the quality of our people. That’s why we established HeadStart to reflect our commitment to support students with a diverse range of experiences, mentoring, training and formal learning to suit your ambitions, skills and interests. 

Since inception (2008), the HeadStart programme has hired over 80 full-time Bermudians. The programme is now producing Bermudian leaders who have grown up with us since they joined the firm from college. We also seek to encourage Bermudians who have developed global acumen and skills by forging careers abroad to return to Bermuda to support our local and global clients. In addition we have an active internship programme with on average, 12 interns working at the firm for two to three months every summer. 


  • Our renewable Peter Mitchell Scholarship provides Bermudian students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate programme with $20,000 a year in financial assistance. The award provides valuable work experience as well as ongoing career coaching and support. T
  • The annual ABIC - PwC Award for Bermudians studying accounting is valued at $15,000 per annum for two years for an undergraduate, or a $20,000 one-year award for a graduate. Additionally, the ABIC - PwC Award for Bermuda College study is worth $5,000 for one year for a Bermudian undertaking the Associate’s Business Administration programme at the college, with an intention to complete a bachelor’s degree in accounting and obtaining a Canadian or US CPA designation. The awards are granted based on financial need, academic merit and field of study.

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