Our business restructuring, insolvency and recovery services and how our team can help

Nothing is certain. Industries can see downturns, and any business can be susceptible to financial distress. The difference between successfully coming out on the other side or not depends on spotting the issues early and changing course quickly and effectively to preserve value and reduce risk.

Business restructuring and recovery services aren’t just for organizations that have faced insolvency. There are ways to proactively take—and retain—control of your business and increase your odds for recovery in the long term beyond simply reducing costs or improving liquidity.

Our financial advisory, insolvency and restructuring team brings the strengths of our people, capabilities and technology together

We work seamlessly with stakeholders and other principals to plan and execute all stages of the proposed restructuring or reorganization process.

Our team has decades of practical experience assessing strategic turnaround and restructuring alternatives, helping businesses evaluate their level of distress, designing an appropriate plan, and executing the right strategy.

The Bermuda team’s specialist experience is naturally focused on the Financial Services industry, primarily insurance and reinsurance, but covers a wide range of other industries including hospitality and tourism.

We provide advice and hands-on implementation of strategies to deliver financial and operational restructurings or, where necessary, put in place closure and exit strategies where they deliver the best value.

Our extensive experience in implementing the restructuring of multi-jurisdictional commercial concerns through control of Bermuda-registered holding companies has benefited many clients and we seek to deliver solutions that meet stakeholder needs.

Financial advisory and restructuring services we can offer:

  • Independent business reviews (IBRs): assessing the financial, commercial and operational position of an entity and deliverability of a plan to create value based on your objectives

  • Strategic alternatives and business planning. We can conduct strategic reviews of underperforming businesses and provide a clear evaluation of the available strategic options.

  • Financial restructuring plans: debt/equity swaps, recapitalisations, rescheduling and repricing, asset-backed finance, mezzanine finance and equity injections

  • Distressed mergers and acquisitions

  • Creditor led insolvency appointments

  • Security reviews, options analysis and enforcement

  • Short- and medium-term cash-flow review

  • Turnaround advisory and interim finance resource

  • Working capital optimisation

  • Cash monitoring and controls implementation

  • Pensions covenant strength advisory services

  • Crisis management. Engage with key stakeholders to restore confidence and allow time to stabilize the business

  • Wind down and liquidation services

We are experts in developing innovative and effective restructuring and insolvency solutions, and we would be happy to discuss areas where our services can add value. Reach out to us about your specific needs.

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Joseph Gordon

Director, Head of Financial Advisory, PwC Bermuda

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