Creating a future-ready workforce

The world of work is changing - fast

The pressure to optimise costs and maximise productivity is always there. Today, it’s made more complicated by disruptive technology, the increasing complexity of geopolitics and global trade, evolving risk and regulation and the ongoing race to find and keep the right talent with the right skills. These forces are reshaping the workplace and introducing new challenges that impact your whole organisation. 

Making sure your workforce is ready is essential to building trust in the marketplace. PwC’s community of solvers combines the breadth of strategic knowledge and hands-on implementation experience to help your business—and your people—adjust to change and thrive in an unpredictable world. Our organisational strategists, human resource (HR) practitioners, and regulatory, tax, technology and employment specialists work together to help unleash the potential of your people, build trust in your market and deliver sustained outcomes for your business.

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PwC's Global Workforce Leader Peter Brown and Strategy& Principal, Bhushan Seth, discuss what good workforce strategy looks like, and why it's so important for organisations when they are thinking about the future of work. | Duration: 2m44s 

Strategic planning for the future of work

Culture, history and leadership style. While they may be different for every organisation, changing times and new expectations are common for everyone. Our team works across markets and capabilities to help you establish a strategy that addresses the realities of your business. Whether you want to improve the performance of your workforce, develop and redeploy talent around your business, or mitigate the risks of mergers and acquisitions, we provide the advice and support you need. With solutions that focus on your unique workplace and your employees, we can help you build on your people’s strengths, fuel collective insight and performance, and build towards a future that works for your business​.

Our community of solvers operates across business, strategy, HR and technology. Together, we untangle each challenge and open the way for change to turn your organisational and people challenges into real opportunities.

Explore the breadth and depth of our capabilities

We have the breadth of strategic knowledge and the hands-on implementation experience to help you unleash the human potential in your business.

Culture, Leadership and Change

The success of any transformation effort can depend on how leaders engage their culture. Culture, however, is different from other business topics: it is implicit rather than explicit, emotional rather than rational — that’s what can make it hard to work with, but that’s also what can make it powerful.

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Diversity and inclusion

Organisations are increasingly identifying diversity and inclusion as a key element of the corporate strategy; a diverse workforce drives results and attracts talent.

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HR transformation and technology

Leaders are facing complex and conflicting challenges, whether its global skills shortages, economic uncertainty or technology disruption. Responding to these successfully, while delivering on what’s needed tomorrow is daunting but what is certain is that many of today’s biggest business challenges are - in reality - people challenges.

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People analytics and insights

People and their skills are fundamental to any organisation. The HR department should play  a more strategic role using for example staff data. Yet the use of digital HR data is mostly limited to standard, recurring reports. Also with respect to specific personnel issues, such as high levels of absenteeism owing to sickness or staff turnover rates, the use of data insights opportunities are not yet used to the full extend.  How can your HR department apply the power of people analytics to resolve specific issues, generate new insights and make a strategic contribution?

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People in deals

As organisations deal with a fast-transforming business environment they are looking into transactions to find the right talented people, technology and ideas to drive innovation and power-up growth. If organisations give sufficient attention to the people-side of a transaction, they can avoid losing transaction value. When they develop a good approach to the people-side of a transaction, they can even add value in the transaction.

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Reward and benefits

Remuneration policy leads to all kinds of HR issues, but also with regard to finance and taxation, performance and compliance. Reward policy should be in line with your strategy, support your culture and be acceptable to the stakeholders involved. Not an easy task.

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Transformative leadership

Unlock leadership capabilities to deliver on your organisation’s transformation

We live in a time of unprecedented global challenges that are fundamentally changing the landscape in which organisations operate, and that mandate a fundamental change of how they do business to remain economically viable and successful.

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Workforce risk, governance and reporting

We can help you to assess your workforce risks and turn them into legitimate market opportunities, enabling you to make intelligence-led decisions on investment priorities to create a competitive advantage.

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Workforce strategy

By understanding the possibilities of automation, the changing ways organisations harness the potential of human skills, and the needs of the business in a changing global business landscape and throughout the employee lifecycle we ensure organisations can find, nurture and incentivise the right adaptable, innovative and skilled people they need for the digital age.

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Challenging economic conditions coupled with the race to harness the possibilities of Generative AI are ramping up the pressure on costs and productivity for today's organisations. This new environment is accelerating the need for digital transformation and creating immediate and large-scale workforce and skills challenges.

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What independent analysts say about us

We are a leading Workforce practice according to independent analysts. We bring together a differentiated combination of industry, business, strategy, talent, HR, analytics and technology expertise with more than 7,500 people in 111 countries. ALM Intelligence, a provider of management consulting market research, has ranked PwC a Vanguard Leader in 25 marketplace studies over the last five years, positioning us amongst those companies with the broadest and deepest capabilities in the market for strategic and integrated human capital services.

This means you get a community of solvers with the right skills and breadth of experience wherever you need us around the world.

Together, we help you deliver the sustained outcomes and value you’re looking for—from workforce transformation and people strategy through to organisational execution.

To hear more from our professionals, visit our Workforce of the Future YouTube playlist.

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