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Leaders are facing complex and conflicting challenges, whether its global skills shortages, economic uncertainty or technology disruption. Responding to these successfully, while delivering on what’s needed tomorrow is daunting but what is certain is that many of today’s biggest business challenges are - in reality - people challenges.

People functions therefore need to step into a new era where HR transcends its traditional roles, becoming a key architect in building agile, resilient organisations ready for the future. Where HR strategy is not just about managing talent but leading with it. Not just aligning with business but propelling it forward.

This strategic approach is critical, not only to your People Function but to the future of organisations as a whole.

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The goal? A people function operating model that works for now, and for the future.

  • Future People Function decisions will be shaped by predictive and prescriptive analytics enabled by AI.
  • Specialist teams will evolve to become lean, agile, and deep-seated in expertise.
  • The large majority of processes will be automated leaving the rest to Global Business Solutions (GBS) in the most suitable locations.
  • Hubs for innovation will be central in forging a transformative employee experience.
  • People function will spearhead the integration of ESG, purpose and diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) advocacy with business strategies.
  • The pursuit of operational excellence will lead to pioneering data-driven process optimisation and resource agility.
  • The emphasis will shift towards a skill-centric ecosystem, enhancing competitiveness and scalability.

How we can help your people function to get ahead

We work with organisations to help them build agile, forward-thinking People Functions using the power of analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) as the bedrock for decision-making that empowers strategic leadership.

Embrace technology, whilst keeping human skills at the forefront

We can support you to upskill and reskill your workforce, building a truly skills-based organisation that implements the right capabilities, tools and technology to complement, not detract from, imperative human skills.

Put your people experience at the heart of transformation

We can work with you to design and develop a leading practice HR function with people experience at the centre - leveraging the power of Generative AI to drive efficiencies.

Drive operational efficiencies and reduce risk

We can partner with you to deliver end to end digitally enabled HR Transformation, from sourcing, deploying and optimisation, to automate HR processes to create efficiencies, improve employee experience, and reduce operational risk.

Stand for something more than “what” you do

We can support you to deliver and embed your ESG strategy across the employee lifecycle in a more integrated way, resulting in more socially responsible and sustainable practices.

Build a long-term sustainable operating model and workforce plan

We can work with you to create your desired operating model that will deliver against your strategy, with a focus on workforce planning that meets both your short term and long term priorities.

Focus on developing transformative leaders

We can help you harness the potential of your leaders and create the conditions to build a truly effective, high-performing and transformative leader population that can remain agile and face the head winds of constant change.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and be bold

The future is here now - we can help you take the first step.

Case studies

See how we’ve worked with organisations to navigate complex issues, create value and achieve high performance for their people functions.

Creating a blueprint for your People Function of the Future

Our operating model is built upon a set of strategic themes that are fundamental to our vision of HR transformation to actively bring them into reality through daily operations and strategic initiatives. This ensures that we help organisations stay on the cutting edge of HR innovation, poised to meet the challenges of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.


With new skills needed due to advancements in technology, as well as a focus on sustainability and the creation of green jobs, leading people functions focus on evolving a talent strategy to upskill and reskill the Workforce they need for tomorrow.


Organisations are looking into how technology can amplify what they offer and how they can leverage the power of GenAI to enhance, hyper-personalise and create frictionless employee experiences. Forward thinking functions are focusing on: Where should we invest in technology?


Organisations are increasingly driven by cost efficiency, with many looking to technology and global business services (GBS) to streamline and automate processes. Commerciality and operational excellence will underpin the Future People Function. Where can you find more value in your organisation?


Businesses can do better by considering ESG in every project, creating cultures that support diversity, equity, and inclusion, and providing better governance for people and the planet. Does your workforce believe in your sustainability vision?


Shaping a workforce to ensure future success relies on managing today’s workforce while having the headspace to create a strategy and operating model for the future. Continuous horizon scanning and innovation will enable this. How can your organisation strike that balance?

Our global alliances

Enabling business transformation through technology and innovation.

SAP SuccessFactors is the leader in cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software for talent management, core HR, and HR analytics. Together, we deliver business-led, technology enabled change for clients including industry specific ERP and the latest in mobile, analytics and cloud solutions

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Working together to simplify your business strategy.

We help clients across industries improve their business processes and transform their HR function with Workday technology. We are a global Workday partner and have over 250 certified consultants globally.

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Enterprise technology that makes the impossible, possible.

Our business and technology advice—from strategy to execution—helps companies achieve their digital technology goals and capitalise on business opportunities.

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A complete solution to transform and manage all aspects of your workforce in a complex and changing world

From hybrid working and ever-changing regulations to the challenge of recruiting and retaining talent, the world of work continues to change at a rapid pace. People are your most important asset and staying ahead of these trends requires leading organisations to work smarter and more efficiently to manage the workforce, maintain compliance and provide empowering employee experiences.

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Evolve your People Function with Future-Ready Technology

An ever-changing business landscape, driven by the rapid advancements in technology, presents us with exciting opportunities to find new solutions. Through PwC's collaboration with Darwinbox, medium and large enterprises can now take an agile approach to HR transformation to ensure they remain resilient to tomorrow’s challenges and fuel growth.

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