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We are independent PwC firms operating in the Caribbean, serving clients in The Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, East Caribbean (Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Islands), Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.

The Bahamas

An ideal location and stability have helped make The Bahamas a destination for international financial services businesses as well as a flourishing tourism industry. PwC serves a diverse client base here, including international and local banking, insurance, hospitality and retail companies.

Population: 364,000
Size: 13,940 sq km, 5,382 sq mi; more than 700 islands, cays and islets
Motto: Forward, upward, onward, together
Currency: Bahamian Dollar (BD)
Cuisine: International influences, featuring conch and other seafood, rice ’n peas, tropical fruits, rum and liqueurs
Signature event: Junkanoo, an annual street parade, Boxing Day through New Year’s Day


Bermuda, an international financial centre, hosts the third-largest reinsurance centre in the world. PwC provides services here to international and private companies specialising in reinsurance, captive insurance, hedge funds and asset management.

Population: 69,000
Size: 53.3 sq km, 20.5 sq mi; 138 islands and islets
Motto: Quo fata ferunt (Whither the Fates carry us)
Currency: Bermudian Dollar (BMD)
Cuisine: English and Portuguese influences, featuring seafood, such as wahoo, rockfish and fish chowder
Signature event: Cup Match, a signature island cricket match, August

British Virgin Islands

A stable and prosperous economy has made the British Virgin Islands an attractive location for international business, as well as a thriving tourism industry. PwC serves local and international clients here.

Population: 32,000
Size: 153 sq km, 59 sq mi (BVIs)
Motto: Vigilante (Be watchful)
Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
Cuisine: International influences, featuring callaloo soup and salt fish with fungi
Signature event: Emancipation Festival, August

Cayman Islands

With more than 11,000 registered hedge funds, the Cayman Islands have a reputation as a strong financial services centre. PwC has served clients here for more than 45 years, playing an active role in supporting the growth of hedge funds, retail banks and captive insurance companies.

Population: 57,000
Size: 262 sq km, 101 sq mi; three islands comprise Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman
Motto: He hath founded it upon the seas
Currency: Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD)
Cuisine: Jamaican and British influences, featuring seafood, coconut, plantains, cassava, rice ’n beans
Signature events: Batabano, a Caribbean carnival, May; Pirates Week Festival, November

East Caribbean (Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Islands)

The free-enterprise economy of Barbados depends largely on tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and international business. PwC in Barbados serves a diverse client base, including prestigious international clients and some of the largest regional companies in banking, insurance, hospitality, retail and distribution.

Population: 288,000
Size: 431 sq km, 166.4 sq mi
Motto: In plenty and in time of need
Currency: Barbados Dollar (BBD)
Cuisine: African, West Indian and European influences, featuring Bajan dishes such as coucou and flying fish
Signature event: Crop Over Festival, May through August, ending with Carnival/Kadooment Parade


Guyana’s economic activity has historically been dependent on the export of rice, gold, bauxite, and timber. However, Guyana is now on track to become one of the largest oil-producing countries in the world, with its first production in December 2019.  PwC serves a diverse client base here comprising local companies and international clients. 

Population: 750,000
Size: 214,969km2/ 83,000 miles2
Motto: One People, One Nation, One Destiny
Currency: Guyanese Dollar (GYD)
Cuisine: The food is diverse and includes dishes such as Dal bhat, curry, roti and cookup rice.
Signature events: Mashramani, Divali, Paghwa, Easter-International Food and Drink Fest and Independence Day


Jamaica’s economic base rests on multiple industries, large and small, including agriculture, tourism, mining, banking, consumer products and pharmaceuticals. PwC was among the first professional service firms to establish a presence here and primarily focuses on banking and capital markets, insurance, and hospitality and leisure sectors.

Population: 2.9 million
Size: 10,991 sq km, 4,243 sq mi
Motto: Out of many, one people
Currency: Jamaican Dollar (JMD)
Cuisine: International influences, featuring ackee and salt fish, other seafood, jerk chicken, fried dumplings, rice ’n peas, tropical fruits, spices
Signature event: Portland Jerk Festival, annual food event, June

Trinidad and Tobago

A thriving oil and gas industry and regional financial centre drive the economy of Trinidad and Tobago, which supplies manufactured goods to other Caribbean islands. PwC services a range of clients here in energy, financial services, and consumer and industrial products and services.

Population: 1.3 million
Size: 5,128 sq km, 1,980 sq mi
Motto: Together we aspire, together we achieve
Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD)
Cuisine: Indian, African, European and Chinese influences, featuring shark, fried bake and curries
Signature event: Carnival cultural festival, Monday and Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday

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