Caribbean region leadership team


Core leadership team

Frazer Lindsay

Chief Executive Officer

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Charles Bolland

Regional Risk and Quality and Partner Affairs Leader 

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Graeme Sunley

Regional Assurance Leader, Regional Asset Management and Banking Leader and Territory Leader, Cayman Islands

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Arthur Wightman

Regional Markets Leader and Insurance Leader and Bermuda Territory Leader

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Alok Jain

Regional Advisory Leader

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Gerry Mahon

Regional Operations Leader

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Adviser to core leadership team

Neil Wilson

Regional Operations Chair and Interim Regional Tax and Legal Services Leader 

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Territory leaders

Prince Rahming

Territory Leader, Bahamas

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Leighton McKnight

Regional CIPS Leader and Territory Leader, Jamaica

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Michael Bynoe

Territory Leader, East Caribbean

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Bermuda Territory Leader: Arthur Wightman (pictured above)

Cayman Islands Territory Leader: Graeme Sunley (pictured above)

Nick Haywood

Territory Leader, Turks and Caicos Islands

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Functional leaders

Evan Kelly 

Regional Business Transformation Leader

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Heather Isaacs 

Regional Human Capital and Diversity Leader

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