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ESG: A bridge to action

Understanding risks and opportunities

Goodbye, theory. Hello, action.

To create value through ESG (environmental, social, and governance), we must set aside passive theory and develop a tangible and practical plan that your business can act on. Success is not about financials, disclosures, climate change or diversity alone. It’s about embedding all of these principles – and more – into your strategy and operations to know you’re prepared for tomorrow’s reality, whatever it may be.

How do you get there from here? Step forward.

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Watch: ESG can be a window into your company's future, connecting business priorities to societal impact.

Are you ready for the ESG Revolution? The 3 critical dimensions for success.

Societal need and business opportunity are coming together to transform the way companies craft strategy, drive performance, and report results.

Often heard in today’s boardrooms and C-suites and their virtual equivalents: a mixture of anxiety and enthusiasm about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. “What risks are we sitting on?” leaders (and investors) are asking, as pressure for ESG disclosures mount. “How do we measure and manage them when there are no common standards? Where should we focus, when the list of potential issues is a mile long?” And, critically—which is where the enthusiasm comes in—“As we take a hard look at our business, what opportunities can we identify to solve big problems and create value in new ways?” 

The answers to these questions are interrelated, as are the initiatives those answers will motivate: reimagined reporting, strategic reinvention, and, ultimately, wholesale business transformation. 

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ESG revolution

How can you take action on ESG?

Drive ESG through your strategy and operations

Think beyond financials. Stay prepared and agile so you’re ahead of tomorrow. That’s where ESG comes in. When fully embedded in your business from strategy to reporting, tax to legal, HR to M&A, you’re ready to capture the right opportunities. Run a stronger business. Build a better world.

Stay accountable and share a transparent ESG story

You’ve done the work. Implemented the ESG principles. So how do you hold your business accountable going forward with metrics you can trust? By using proven tactics and smarter technologies to identify, measure and proactively prove your work - to employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the world.

Measure clearly and take practical actions with trusted data

We’ll help your people and technology to work together so you can see more, go deeper and act faster to make ESG-driven changes to your operations, value chain and organization. Use the right data to take smart actions. Create value and determine the path for your success.

We’re doing our own ESG work at PwC

We’re stepping forward. We’ve committed to a diverse and inclusive environment for our people and we’re taking strides toward Net Zero.

Learn from our ESG journey

A corporate director's guide to ESG

The tone at the top can make the difference between a company landing at the front or back of the ESG pack. Boards can lead the way by understanding the what, why, and how of effective ESG oversight. And we have a guide for that! Get started now.

Learn how the board can up its oversight game


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