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Communications Review Telecoms in Africa: innovating and inspiring

This edition of Communications Review examines the social and economic impact that telecommunications have ha on Africa over the past decade and discusses such issues as network performance, mobile payments, and how industry CEOs feel about the future.

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mHealth ― How can we be sure that mobile healthcare (mHealth) isn't just technology-driven hype?

In this PwC-commissioned report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), patients, doctors and payers share their views on mHealth. Find out what they told us, and learn more about the potential of mobile health in developed and emerging markets, the challenges, and the impact on stakeholders.

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We need to talk about CAPEX

Benchmarking best practice in telecom capital allocation

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Global entertainment and media outlook: 2012-2016

PwC's annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook is accessed online by thousands of executives across the media, technology, communications retail and financial services sectors, and by some of the largest advertisers in the world.

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