Corporate Treasury Solutions

The recent global financial crisis has emphasised the importance of core treasury activities such as funding, cash management and financial risk management. These activities are critical during period of market volatility and uncertainty to secure companies as going concern. Apart from these day-to-day challenges, corporate treasuries are increasingly expected to contribute to shareholder value with sophisticated financial risk management strategies. Treasurers need to consider how to leverage their existing resources to optimise their operation in steering toward company goals and expectations.

How can we help

At PwC, our Corporate Treasury Solutions is a dedicated team of treasury, financial risk, accounting and system specialists who address your individual challenges, opportunities and perspective with a customisedapproach to the following treasury value chain:

Treasury and commodities operations

Design and implementation of a framework for corporate treasury including policies, strategies, infrastructure, processes and methodologies for the Treasury function. This also includes the review, benchmarking and restructuring of the Treasury function such as payment factory, in-house bank, commodity trading, etc.

Treasury technology

Developing functional requirements and RFP, selection and implementation of treasury & commodity systems, SWIFT business case, bureau selection and implementation.

Financial risk management

Conception and implementation of processes and methods to identify, measure, analyse, report and manage FX, credit and interest rate risks and overall process improvement.

Commodity risk management

Design and implementation of processes and methods to identify, measure, analyse, report and manage commodity risks (gas, power, oil, metals, coffee, wheat etc.)

Cash and working capital management

Design and implementation of cash and liquidity management systems, including planning, management and reporting processes, simplification and advising on bank account structures, cash pooling, netting and payment factories, and improving working capital.

Risk valuation

Pricing of financial instruments, validation of clients’ valuations, implementation of valuation models for complex contracts, measurement of hedge effectiveness.

Treasury accounting

Design and implementation of an accounting framework for financial instruments in compliance with local GAAP, US GAAP and IFRS, advising on hedging strategies and the application of hedge accounting.