Advisory Deals

Helping businesses succeed

Our Advisory Deals practice provides tailormade financial advisory services to a broad range of clients whenever their capital structure is modified in some way or a share based transaction is under consideration. Our services combine advanced technical and technological resources with commercial awareness based on our in-depth direct experience of industry.
We work closely with clients and our services are designed to help them reach their strategic goals by identifying opportunities arising and implementing investment decisions. Our specialists, whilst offering leading edge analytical skills, also understand the commercial imperatives that drive business success combined with risk management skills. Given our expertise in stock exchange regulations, we also advise listed companies on their obligations and alternative financing routes.
Our key services include:
  • Advice on M&A
  • Advice on finance raising
  • Project finance
  • Public company advisory
  • Private equity advisory
We help clients identify and focus attention on the factors in business that are critical to their future success. We reconcile investors’ need for profit with the requirements of the market for transparency.
PwC also has extensive experience in post deal services, helping businesses integrate new acquisitions. We have developed specific tools and techniques that have saved considerable time and money. Our key services include:
  • Financial due diligence
  • Bid support and bid defense services
  • Deal structuring services
  • Post-deal services
Valuing all or part of a business requires the understanding and analysis of a variety of complex factors. We help our clients with our in-depth technical knowledge of value drivers and specific industry expertise. We also uphold the appropriate level of independence in all circumstances. We draw on considerable economics and commercial specialisation to ensure that our value opinions are delivered to the most robust standards of objectivity and independence. Our key services include:
  • Valuation advisory and pricing assistance
  • Independent expert opinions