PwC regularly hosts events for clients, the media and other stakeholders. Watch this space for the next exciting presentation on topics as diverse as corporate reporting, taxation, performance improvement or risk management.

Date Programme/Workshop Course Title
11-Aug-14 Forensics Workshop  
19-Aug-14 IFRS Academy Presentation of financial statements
9-Sep-14 IFRS Academy Deferred tax made easy
7-Oct-14 IFRS Academy Disclosures for listed companies
17-Oct-14 PwC Executive Academy Shaping your business to meet tomorrow’s demand
11-Nov-14 IFRS Academy Financial instruments - Recognition and measurement
26-Nov-14 PwC Executive Academy Non-Executive Directors – Maximising your input
13-Jan-15 IFRS Academy Financial risk management
19-Jan-15 Overview of Indian regulatory framework & cross-border issues  
10-Feb-15 IFRS Academy Revenue recognition
11-Feb-15 PwC Executive Academy Shifting the balance of tax policy – The hidden cost of doing business
24-Feb-15 Mastering Taxation Investigation - An efficient case preparation
4-Mar-15 Corporate Reporing Awards 2015  
10-Mar-15 IFRS Academy Debt v Equity
11-Mar-15 PwC Executive Academy Risk Management – From theory to practice
23-Mar-15 National Budget Speech  
26-Mar-15 Mastering Taxation International Tax - Mitigating risks and exposures
8-Apr-15 PwC Executive Academy Investment Funds – Risks, trends and practices
14-Apr-15 IFRS Academy Employee benefits
23-Apr-15 Mastering Taxation The Income Tax Act, Statements of Practice, Tax Regulations and Rulings - Clarifying the grey areas
13-May-15 PwC Executive Academy Data Analytics – Turning data into value
19-May-15 Basel 2 Workshop  
18-May-15 IFRS Academy Business combinations
21-May-15 Mastering Taxation Interaction of Taxes - The complexities in practice
27-May-15 IFRS 15 Workshop  
9-Jun-15 IFRS Academy Capitalisation of assets
10-Jun-15 PwC Executive Academy Accessing African Commercial Real Estate – A myth or reality?