Post-Merger IT Integration

IT is one of the most challenging areas of integration (or separation) during an M&A transaction. Many business functions (human resources, finance, sales and marketing) depend heavily upon the systems, data and process automation that IT provides. So, IT becomes a critical path and integration or separation of organisations. So, it is vital that IT due diligence and merger integration must be handled by experienced professionals with IT, business, and their interdependencies as well as nuances that M&A transactions create in terms of how systems, data, and associated licenses and contracts can be integrated or separated.

How PwC can Help

We have a strong team of business technologists that have an in-depth understanding and access to leading practices, and global experience in performing IT due diligence and managing merger integrations and separations.

Post-Deal Services:

We can help you to plan, design, manage and implement post-deal integration of IT organisations, systems, data, processes and licences/contracts.

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