Intelligent Digital

We balance business understanding with technology innovation and human insight.


See beyond the obvious

We have to reimagine the possible to stay ahead, but to survive and thrive in the digital revolution, we must balance business understanding with technology innovation and human insight.

Whoever you are, whatever your business, it’s time to see beyond the obvious. To imagine your tomorrow and make it happen. By solving problems, meeting human needs and making a difference to society.

We won’t do that through technology alone. We can do it through Intelligent Digital.


It takes more than technology to create a smart city.

If we want the places we live to be shaped by connectivity, sustainability and individual autonomy, we need to rethink traditional infrastructure and challenge the way things have always been done.

At PwC, we’re drawing on innovative thinking and the power of Intelligent Digital to re-imagine the ways in which industries and places could interact.

We’re collaborating with a global resources company to build a real-time digital platform that streamlines and centralises ways of working across various locations.

It empowers frontline workers to be more efficient, take charge of their professional journeys and reduce waste — impacting the wider community and increasing workplace satisfaction.

Crucially, it also transforms organisational safety, saving lives and improving health outcomes.

Together, we’re deploying technology to lay the groundwork for a smarter world — one that lowers our footprint but raises the bar for quality of life.

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Digital Assistant

Inefficiency in the workplace has always taken a human toll.

When employees spend their precious time with repetitive tasks, it can set the stage for a workforce defined by unused talent and lost potential. It’s a cost that chips away at employee wellbeing and prevents an organisation from achieving its higher goals.

At PwC, we’re using the power of Intelligent Digital to focus on tasks that bring personal evolution and professional growth.

We’re piloting a Digital Assistant that combines human-centred design and artificial intelligence to seamlessly anticipate and carry out low-value duties — personalised to an individual’s working preferences and day-to-day responsibilities.

By liberating workers from the burden of busywork, we’re empowering them to live their purpose. Through human insights and leading-edge technology, we’re enabling businesses to realise their highest visions in the process.

Deploying AI to improve waiting times

In the healthcare industry, every second counts…

But when waiting times and resourcing are pushed to their limits, lives could be put at risk.

At PwC, we’re balancing business understanding with technology innovation and human insight, to help solve this important problem. With the power of Intelligent Digital, we’re seeing beyond the mountain of patient data…

And turning it into positive action.

Using Artificial Intelligence, we’re helping hospitals become more efficient so they can help patient – faster.

We’re using a combination of deep data intelligence and technology to analyse hospital records to prevent overbooking, and help improve waiting times and staff resourcing.

Together, we’re using technology to design healthcare strategies that are fit for the future.

Reimagine your tomorrow...

Data and analytics

Harness your data

The explosion of big data is revolutionising business.

Data flows through your business every day. It's an asset you already own, but it's meaningless until enriched and brought into focus.

Using innovations in data analytics and human insights, we'll help you capture it, analyse it and use it to understand potential futures, improve business performance and transform the way you work.

The future of work

Revolutionise the world of work

Automation, AI, the need for lifelong learning: everything we know about employment is changing.

How can organisations prepare for a future that few of us can define? It might be the age of the machine but getting the human element right is key. How can you attract, keep and motivate the talent you need?

In a world of digitisation, it’s the ability to balance creativity, diversity and active engagement with customers and your workforce as they continue to evolve. PwC can help you build a people strategy that’s fit for a very different future.

Tech for good

Use technology for good

When you make business or technology decisions, your purpose matters.

Today's customers expect businesses to deliver positive social, environmental and financial outcomes. Ensuring what you do helps, and doesn’t hinder, broader sustainable development goals is an increasingly pressing issue.

PwC takes social responsibility seriously. We’ll show you how harnessing technology for good can secure your long term sustainability.

Cyber security

Building a secure digital society

A more connected world brings greater speed and value, and enriches our lives. Yet more connections also bring more vulnerability.

We're using cutting edge technology, formidable human insight and industry expertise to protect what matters most to you.

Fear cyber attack? Attack cyber fear. Let's build a secure digital society together.


Where Intelligent Digital means...

Markets are being disrupted. Technology advancement is at the forefront of this change. More demanding consumers are driving pace in the experience economy. Digital transformation is on every agenda. But many fail because too many companies invest in multiple methodologies at once, which can fragment results. Speed is of the essence to stay ahead. We believe it’s the combination of business strategy, experience and technology enablement that provides the opportunity to accelerate the impact of digital investments and achieve durable and lasting growth.

Disruptive innovation and emerging technology

Disrupt before you're disrupted

Emerging technologies and global megatrends are colliding to disrupt both business and society.

PwC's disruption and emerging tech team can help you map the landscape of disruption, scan the horizon for weak signals and enhance strategic agility – the capacity to future proof your business against disruptive change.

That’s the first step towards making disruption work for you, not against you.


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