Effectiveness with IT solutions

The field of digital operations is entering a new, significantly more mature phase. Enablers and engagers are offering an ever-growing range of solutions for digitizing every element of operations, and the market is growing fast. However, focusing solely on the solutions available, and their technological implications, will only lead to confusion and paralysis. Instead, think in terms of problem statements and value creation opportunities, and the corresponding use case categories that will enable the proper solution. Then work back to evaluate the current market landscape for each of those categories. Finally, don’t wait for the perfect solution for each use case category, or the right answers to the many questions surrounding digital operations. 


  • Required professional assessment following the implementation of the IT solution as to objectives achieved and the system's compliance with the requirements indicated in the specification.
  • IT function and solutions lack orientation towards activities of the organization and fail to ensure competitive advantages.
  • Presence of different services, written in different technologies or languages, create challenges to integrate correctly.
  • Quick implementation, smooth integration, and simplified maintenance are becoming strategically important.

Solutions offered by PwC

IT-led business transformation

Data analysis

Comprehensive data analysis and strategic reasoning to facilitate decision-making processes in the organization.

Processes evaluation

Review and evaluation of existing IT processes and implementation of target processes.

Process modelling

Business process modelling and analysis.

Technical Specification Documentation

Development of Technical Specification Documentation (TSD) and high-level solution architecture.

IT expense review

Cost and IT expense review, as well as identification of potential savings.

Securing efficiency

Securing efficiency (continuous optimization of IT production through well-defined balance between performance and compliance).

Risk analysis

Risk analysis based on international standards and industry-related regulatory requirements.

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