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Asset Management 2020 - A Brave New World

Amid unprecedented economic turmoil and regulatory change, most asset managers have afforded themselves little time to bring the future into focus. But the industry stands on the precipice of a number of fundamental shifts that will shape the future of the asset management industry.
To help asset managers plan for the future, we have considered the likely changes in the asset management industry landscape over the coming years and identified key gamechangers which will impact the competitive environment.

Given their strength and experience in this industry and their focus on international relationships, the Channel Islands are well placed to play a significant role in the positive story outlined in this major piece of global thought leadership, the accumulation of over two years’ research.

Setting the scene, the briefing includes a presentation by Will Day, Sustainability Advisor to PwC. He’ll elaborate on PwC’s view on global mega-trends affecting all industries and the impact they have on the decisions we make about business and its future.

Joining Will is Rob Mellor, Partner at PwC UK and a key contributor to ‘Asset Management 2020’. Rob will delve deeper into the six ‘game changers’ we’ll need to consider in order to capitalise on the opportunities the industry’s changing landscape presents.

To find out more about these events, taking place on Thursday 6 March in Jersey and Thursday 13 March in Guernsey, please contact Michaela Gosselin whose details can be found alongside.

You may wish to download a copy of the 2020 report for advance reading ahead of the briefing.

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