Go Wild Gorillas

Last year we were involved in the hugely successful 'Go Wild Gorillas' campaign at Durrell. It was really great to play a part in the large scale community project aligning with PwC's commitment to making a difference within the community.

The campaign celebrated Durrell’s 60th anniversary, in partnership with Wild in Art, in which more than 40 brightly coloured, life-size gorilla sculptures were dotted across the island of Jersey, leading people on a trail of discovery.

The 'Go Wild Gorillas' campaign gained momentum with many following the trail, not only to see the iconic gorillas, but the nature in which they were placed, bringing together art and conservation to help raise funds for Durrell.

The campaign was outstanding in its fundraising efforts going towards building a new state of the art gorilla house at Jersey Zoo, and was also paramount in Durrell’s strategy in encouraging more people to get outdoors and reconnect with nature.

By bringing artists, schools and communities together, ‘Go Wild Gorillas’ generated huge popularity among islanders and raised £1,146,500 at the final Auction in November 2019.

PwC's involvement

Supporting local community group Acorn Enterprises

We paired with local community group Acorn Enterprises to support them in designing a smaller, young gorilla named 'Gaia', which is Greek for 'Earth Mother. This was exhibited at the Beresford Street Kitchen in St Helier.

Acorn Enterprise's Gaia, sponsored by PwC

Acorn Enterprise's Gaia, sponsored by PwC

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Sponsoring local artist Abi Overland

Abi's hand painted design for her ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ themed sculpture was fondly named ‘Fossey’, in recognition of primatologist Dian Fossey and her strong conservation efforts. Fossey was on display as part of the 'Go Wild Gorillas' in St Peter's Valley and raised a total of £21,500 at auction. Abi's design was extremely popular and secured first place in a Bailiwick Express poll as the readers favourite, leading the way with 333 votes in just 24 hours.

Environmental prizes

For participants on the 'Go Wild Gorilla' trail who visited 'Fossey' in her habitat at St Peter's Valley, we offered a very special, limited edition, PwC reusable cup featuring our friend Fossey, available to collect from our partner Acorn Enterprises, for those who showed their selfie/photo of Fossey.

'Fossey' in her natural habitat with some of her PwC friends

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