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Because of the boom in online content and services, even small businesses generate reams of data every day comparable to data volumes generated by enterprise data warehouses. Collecting and using this data has become a priority, due in part to fierce competition that forces market players to exploit the business potential of data.

With the dynamic growth of the online market, big tech companies (such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo!) provide easy-to-access and readily usable solutions that require complex data processing, which opens up opportunities for online data mining services that might come into demand in today’s fiercely competitive environment. To find out more, take a look at our summary, below, of our online data analytics solution.

Collecting data about online visits to build a data warehouse

In a corporate environment, compliance with personal data protection rules is paramount. Data protection laws vary from country to country, so third-party systems might deviate from local regulations. In addition to meeting the stricter requirements of corporate data management, it is up to online service providers to safeguard the data they manage, due in part to customers’ increasing awareness of data protection. Data pertaining to a company’s online interactions are automatically transferred to third parties, which means that corporate data assets are continually disclosed. This exposes businesses to data protection risks. Our solution provides a high-capacity infrastructure for data collection, which allows data to be processed and stored in a data warehouse in full compliance with Hungarian data protection regulations. It also provides adequate safeguards to ensure the security of customer data in ways that can be effectively communicated.

Grouping of content and services

Visitors to companies’ websites are usually bombarded with a plethora of content. In order to analyse visitors’ behaviour, website content should be organised according to business purposes. Our solution employs a method of grouping based on simple rules that can be easily defined when new goals arise, and can be quickly adjusted when your business focus changes.

Creating visitor profiles

In corporate CRM systems, service contracts ensure the traceability of customers over the entire customer life cycle. In online services, this is possible through voluntary registration. Without registration, customers cannot be uniquely identified, as only anonymous visitor data are available. It is possible to create visitor profiles similarly stable to those in CRM systems, but models need to be updated more often due to frequent changes in services’ elements. Visitors in the same profile that behave similarly when using online services usually have similar demographic characteristics. Our solution segments visitors, based on their behaviour, from several different aspects, which makes it possible to formulate a complex business approach from readily identifiable elements.

Retaining visitors

Maintaining and increasing visitor activity is key for online services. Visitor profiles provide valuable information that can be used to deliver tailor-made services to customers. The high adaptability of models that automatically generate service or product offers ensures that visitors are provided relevant offers, even when service components change or there is high visitor turnover. Customer responses to these offers also provide valuable information, enabling more accurate future offers.

Optimising online services

Businesses must continually improve the content, communication and delivery of their services in order to stay competitive. Our solution for prioritising different alternatives for service development automates the way the effectiveness of each alternative can be measured.

More efficient sale of advertising space

A key revenue stream of businesses providing services online is the sale of advertising space. With ad targeting, visitors are served ads that are of interest to them, which will result in a higher click-through rate. In our solution, after you specify your campaign’s target audience, ads will be targeted on all relevant platforms.

Visitor and content reports

Due to frequent changes in online services, it is essential to track business processes and intervene quickly when needed. In addition to the standard content provided in online content/visitor/visit reports, our solution allows you to separate visitor and content groups and present them in reports.


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