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Who is the „ACCA Diploma in IFRS” (DipIFR) training for?

The "ACCA Diploma in IFRS" (DipIFR) is the world's largest finance and accounting professionals organization, with an international charter issued by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), certifying proficiency in IFRS. The DipIFR qualification elevates you to a higher level of IFRS expertise.

The DipIFR course is recommended for professionals working in the field of accounting, auditing, and finance who want to engage in a deeper study of IFRS and expand their theoretical and practical knowledge.

Get an IFRS NTR qualification with DipIFR and ACCA qualification in the shortest time!

According to the 12/2013. (III.18.) Ministry of National Economy decree, DipIFR and ACCA qualifications may give exemption from IFRS chartered accountant NTR training's module closing and complex professional exams, therefore you can get IFRS registration and IFRS chartered accountant qualification in a shorter time (vocational qualification: Company chartered accountant).

Participants acquiring ACCA DipIFR diploma or qualification:

  • get to know, understand and learn to apply all IFRS standards,
  • possess the necessary knowledge to compile IFRS reporting, including the preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS,
  • get exemption from ACCA F7 IFRS accounting training module.

Why choose PwC’s Academy

  • WARRANTY: means that students who participate in the course without absence and write the two mock exams and homeworks, but fail the exam can participate without fee during the next semester's exam preparatory course. (This guarantee only applies to the exam preparation module, the ACCA exam and registration fee are not included.)
  • Between the modules homework is given for the weekends, which helps the preparation, then we correct the homeworks for the participants.
  • Before the exam there is a possibility to write two mock exams, which are corrected together during the training. Thereby it contributes the understanding and the participants get an overview of their knowledge before the exam.
  • We provide a virtual student interface for our students on our e-learning portal, where all the tutors's notes, task series and solving keys are uploaded.

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Training topics and period

Training venue: Virtual classroom, live online training

Training days: 09:00- 17:00

Language of training and exam: English

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22-23-24 June and 
13-14 July 2020


  During the three days we study the IFRS key standards, including: Revenue recognition – IFRS15, deferred tax base - IAS12, Financial Instruments - IFRS9 / IAS 39, Leases - IAS17, Provisions - IAS37.
For each standards practical examples help your understanding.
On the first day the consolidation takes place, we learn of the subsidiaries, joint ventures and management and presentation of the consolidated financial statements of associates. The other day we study other, more difficult strandards, such as employee benefits, IAS19, Share-based payments - IFRS2, earnings per share - IAS33. For each standard practice examples help your understanding.
31 July 2020 Mock exam (1 day) 3 hour 15 minute mock exam. 3 hours correction and analysis.
12-13-14 August 2020 DipIFR Exam preparatory course (3 days) We will review the standards learned during the 3 days. We solve past exam tasks to the related topics.
28 August 2020 Mock exam (1 day) 3 hour 15 minute mock exam. 3 hours correction and analysis.

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Training fee

The course fee includes attending training courses, the PwC's Academy printed study material in English (Study text, Course notes, Question - and answer bank, past exam papers and pocket notes), mock exams, homework and the ACCA registration and exam application.

ACCA international registration and examination fee: 209 GBP (paid in addition to the training fee)

The registration and examination fee payment is made to ACCA. Under the agreement, PwC undertakes the registration and examination fee’s payment towards the ACCA and then will re-invoice it to the candidates or payers. The payment can be made in forints or foreign currency to PwC.

Training fee: 290. 000 HUF/person (without VAT)

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Conditions of participation

As a training service, if the participants require, PwC's Academy does the international registration and exam application with the ACCA international body, then the registration-and exam fee will be further billed to the cost centre (participant / employer) with the training fee billed by no later than the first day of the training.

By completing and signing the application form you order the training service.

Please note: in case of absence from the international exam, the registration fee and examination fee will not be refunded, in case of re-examination, the exam fee must be re-paid in the given semester set by the ACCA. If you cannot attend the exam due to illness or other unavoidable reasons, you can request directly from ACCA to use the exam fee paid, as the next exam's fee. In case of illness, proof of absence needs to be submitted by the candidates themselves within four weeks after the exam. More information can be found here:


Documents required for registration (sufficient if scanned):

  • passport photo
  • a copy of ID card
  • copy of university or bachelor degree
  • certificate of employment from employer, in English, which is necessary to fill out in the attached application form
  • PH4 exchange form (sent via e-mail after registration)
  • Details:

    - Name, date of birth, email address and telephone number, mailing address

    - Employer's name, address, job title

    Documents that are incomplete or submitted late may result in a failed ACCA registration, for which will not take responsibility.

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Our Tutors

Emőke Szántó-Kapornay,

ACCA, IFRS expert

Roland Balogh,
ACCA, Chartered accountant, IFRS expert

Gergely Németh,
ACCA, IFRS expert

Gábor Halmosi,
FCCA, IFRS expert, chartered accountant

Péter Heronyányi,
Chartered accountant, 

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Important informations about the exam

The dates of the exam are specified by the ACCA. About the dates and the fees of the exams you can get information at this link http://www.accaglobal.com/uk/en/qualifications/glance/dipifr/date-fee.html

Example for exam excercises

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Cancellation policy

  • After submitting your application form, the course can be cancelled for free in writing (via email: pwc.theacademy@hu.pwc.com or by post: H-1055 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78.) no later than 14 business days before the start of the course.
  • Should the applicant cancel their registration on the 13th business day before the start of the course, the cost bearer is obliged to pay 50 percent of the course fee.
  • If the applicant fails to attend the course without submitting prior written notice, the cost bearer is obliged to pay 100 percent of the course fee
  • After sending back the registration form, the commenced registration process with ACCA cannot be interrupted, the cost bearer is obliged to pay the ACCA registration and exam fee.
  • In case of interruption, the training may be rescheduled if the entire amount of fees (training and registration and exam fee) is paid.

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