Environmentally conscious

Green office task force

Our “green office” task force meets every month to discuss ideas on how to incorporate environmental consciousness into our day-to-day operations and off-work activities. We are reaching out to as many colleagues as possible from different units within our firm, so we can consider different issues and needs when developing our projects. This year, our awareness-raising campaign focussed on reducing plastic waste in our office, which we popularised through internal communication channels , and mobilised for recycling. In cooperation with our events team, we used recycled cups and biodegradable cutlery and plates in our catered events. We also gave away canvas tote bags with a logo for eco-friendly shopping.

Environmentally conscious every day

As service providers, we impact our environment with our operations, rather than with tangible products. What we create is information, which in many cases is still paper-based. Due to our significant paper usage (about 1,500 financial statements annually) we strive to offer our employees alternative solutions in order to avoid unnecessary printing. 

Our firm owns two Nissan Leaf all-electric cars, which demonstrate our commitment to environmental consciousness and sustainability. We use these cars for courier services. Where possible, our staff also use them instead of taxis or rented cars to visit clients in Budapest, reducing our environmental impact on the city.


Simon Katalin

Simon Katalin

PR Menedzser, PwC Hungary

Mészáros Balázs

Mészáros Balázs

Partner, PwC Hungary

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