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Diversity at PwC Hungary

The PwC network is committed to creating and supporting an inclusive workforce. We employ people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and with a wide range of experiences. We’re committed to making sure everyone who works at PwC feels comfortable bringing their true selves to work. Advancing and supporting diversity and inclusion isn’t just the right thing to do. An inclusive workplace enables us to embrace the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of all our people to create better outcomes for stakeholders and society.

Our diversity efforts focus on the following three areas:

  • reintegrating employees returning from maternity leave,
  • supporting women’s career paths,
  • providing flexible forms of work, especially for workers with children.

We build a corporate culture that offers innovation, continuous learning and professional development, in which we work flexibly, thus supporting work-life balance.

Diversity Week at PwC: understanding others is understanding ourselves

For a week in the summer of 2023, we once again filled the lunch break with activities that helped us discover what we do differently from others and how diverse and valuable our cooperation can be.

On Tuesday, we discussed the social integration of Roma with our colleagues and representatives of BAGázs, one of the most important organisations promoting Roma integration, with whom our firm also cooperates.

The discussion was organised with the aim of understanding and giving us all concrete tips on what we can do today as individuals, as Roma and as non-Roma, to create a more inclusive society.

On Wednesday, our colleagues shared their experiences in a roundtable discussion about what parenthood means to them, the challenges it has brought to their lives, and how it has helped them grow.

Our colleagues, both with and without families, took part in this light-hearted discussion about the loss of control that comes with parenthood, how it’s not a shame to ask for help or to undertake less, as well as how each of them has experienced their return to work, and the compromises they have reached to meet their own expectations as parents and employees.

Thursday was Living Library Day, a popular programme from last year. On this day, people, or “books,” came to the office to talk about what it’s like to live with certain labels they have been given. Our guests included a transgender girl, a recovering addict, an autistic person, a hard of hearing person, a wheelchair user, and an LGBT parent; and those who stopped by usually stayed downstairs to read several “books.”


We believe it is very important that women are treated equally in and outside the workplace, and we are committed to ensuring that their opinions and ideas are given the same weight as those of their male colleagues. That is why we have joined the global initiative #HeForShe, and we encourage the staff in our Hungarian office to share their thoughts on why this cause is important to them.

European Diversity Charter 

In October 2018 we signed the European Diversity Charter for the third time, which promotes diversity and antidiscrimination in the workplace. Its main objective is to raise leaders’ awareness and to increase their commitment to mainstreaming diversity in their organisations by providing support and inspiration for developing human resource management.


We are convinced that being open, judging everyone solely on the basis of their achievements and actions, is not only the right thing to do, but experience indicates that it makes business sense.


Szőke Cecília

Szőke Cecília

PR Vezető Menedzser, PwC Hungary

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Mészáros Balázs

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