In today's complex business environment, it is harder than ever to achieve excellence in performance. Having more effective business operations than those of your competitors is central to enhancing shareholder value and organisations can only do this if they have the right processes, systems, skills and information.

Implementing the strategy with effective business operations unleashes an organisation's potential to deliver sustainable improvement in terms of increased revenues, decreased costs, improved efficiency, greater control, and organisational/process agility. We will work with you to improve the performance of the supporting processes of your business through measurement and control, and the efficient sourcing and optimal use of technology.

Business Process Improvement

  • The measurement and management of operational performance
  • Identification and mitigation of operational risk
  • Compliance with industry regulation and an understanding of their business impact
  • Improving performance through a focus on core competencies
  • Establishing mutually beneficial commercial alliances
  • Managing the performance of internal and external service providers/suppliers
  • Harnessing the potential of information technology for business benefit
  • Measuring and improving the delivery of technology solutions
  • Improving and demonstrating the effectiveness of technology management

This service is focused primarily in the areas of finance and IT effectiveness.

Project and Programme Management

  • Executive project management
  • Project assistance and support
  • Project risk management
  • Organising projects, programmes and portfolios

PwC is a PwC is a Project Management Institute Corporate Council member.

Change Management

  • Building and planning changes
  • Designing the organisation
  • Building commitment
  • Training and preparation for change

Software Package Selection

  • Independent advice
  • Development of selection processes and knockout criteria
  • Building business cases
  • Negotiations
  • Piloting