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  • "I dream, I become" Scholarship
  • Meera Ramdoyal-Shah Foundation Scholarship


You are admitted to the Faculty of Law & Management (FLM) of the University of Mauritius, but financial means is a hurdle.

You may apply for one of our scholarship programmes on the prescribed application forms. You need to have excellent HSC results and be fully committed to pursue your tertiary studies. Both scholarship programmes run in partnership with the University of Mauritius (UOM). They aim at helping students in need of financial assistance to pursue their tertiary studies on one of the full-time undergraduate’s programmes offered by the Faculty of Law and Management (FLM).

If you received your confirmation of admission from UOM, you may apply for one of our scholarship programmes on the prescribed application forms. You need to have excellent HSC results and be fully committed to pursue your tertiary studies.


Applications are now open for academic year 2014-2015.

You can get an application form for both programmes from your respective Programme Coordinator or Class Representative, or download the forms below.


Selection will be made by a Joint Committee comprising members of UoM and PwC. Once selected, you will not only receive our financial support throughout your university studies, but you may also have the chance to work at PwC during your university holidays and kick-start your career with us.

Read through all the information here. If you think you’ve got all the attributes and aspirations to make you a worthy candidate – go ahead and apply.

We wish all who apply the very best of luck.


Why should you apply?

As a scholarship awardee, we will provide you with a contribution towards your tuition fees for your 3-year degree, payable as from the start of each University year in monthly instalments.

The grant will cover your admission fees (registration, sports and recreation, library fees amongst others) and additional fees including books and manuals, photocopies, transport, consumables, meals, etc.

As an awardee, you will receive not only our financial support, but also a chance to work at PwC during your university holidays for period of approximately 2 months. The training opportunities will take place at the end of each semester (normally for the period June/July and December/January). It will give you the opportunity to find out more about our profession and people.

There are many other benefits in store for Scholarship awardees. You could:

  • get your professional career off to a great start
  • have the internationally recognised PwC brand on your CV forever
  • develop interview experience and confidence
  • get the opportunity to develop valuable business relationships and networks

We offer the student the possibility of being recruited after graduation.

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Who can apply for a Scholarship?

This scholarship programme aims at students from low income families in need of financial assistance. We are looking for people who have excellent HSC results and are fully committed to pursue their Tertiary studies.

We are accepting applications from students who are intending to study towards one of the Full-time Undergraduate’s Programmes of the FLM.

The candidate will be expected to have a minimum CPA of 50% at the end of each academic year.

See UoM requirements on the application form or on their website.

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What is the process?

To be eligible for a PwC Scholarship, you must be nominated by UoM.

You may either download the application form from this website, or request one from your respective Programme Coordinator or Class Representative. Once completed, submit the form either to your Programme Coordinator or at the Registry of the Faculty of Law and Management.

You should provide copies of relevant documents listed below :

  • National Identity Card
  • Proof of registration with the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Senior Citizens Welfare & Reform Institutions
  • UoM Student ID


The interviews provide you with an opportunity to tell us why you think you should be a PwC Scholarship awardee. It's an excellent time to ask us any questions about working at PwC once you have completed your degree. You can also ask us to explain any of the jargon we use about our areas of work that you’re not sure about - so you get to better understand what we really do.
You’ll be interviewed by PwC people who know what it’s like to attend an interview in an environment that is new to you, so there's no need to be nervous, we’re really interested in getting to know you.

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About PwC

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is the world’s largest professional services firm specialising in areas such as taxation, accounting, corporate finance, assurance, business advice and risk management.

We are a truly international firm. We have people in 184 countries from Antigua to Morocco, and from Norway to Zambia. Here in Mauritius we have 11 partners and over 225 professional (i.e. qualified) staff.

Our clients are business leaders, so are we. A career at PwC means the opportunity to work with people at the forefront of business, not only our people but those who are steering some of the most exciting companies in this country.

What we do

At PwC we work as a team and we’re encouraged to share our ideas and skills across the firm. This embodies what we call our ‘OneFirm culture’. However, people’s skills and interests will take them in different directions and into areas of specialisation. There are three key areas, or ‘lines of service’. These are Advisory, Assurance and Tax.

Advisory Deals and Consulting

Our teams works with all types of companies including private businesses, public companies, and government organisations. We advise clients on company growth, corporate finance, performance improvement, technology needs, human resources and crisis management.

Our client range consists of a myriad of industries including consumer/industrial products, financial services, telecommunications, property & real estate (IRS), agriculture, tourism and hospitality.


The PwC Assurance team audits a range of offshore companies and local companies (60% of our clients are foreign companies). Our people are out and about in the island, working across a wide range of industries. Others are involved in business assurance projects, reviewing companies' processes and systems, and recommending how risks can be reduced.

We provide advice on accounting treatment and regulation, risk management, and compliance. As well as listed public companies, our clients include large multinationals and a cross-section of the local business community.


We are involved in all aspects of Tax advice for businesses. The work we do for clients includes consulting jobs such as interpreting and applying legislation and precedents, planning for corporates and high net worth individuals, tax health checks, and international tax advice.

It’s not all about work

When the work is done, we know how to have fun! With an active social committee arranging staff events throughout the year, and our CSR team offering opportunities for staff to engage in volunteer work for one of the charitable causes we support, there’s always plenty of opportunity to enjoy the company of colleagues and others outside of the working environment.

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How many Awardees will there be?

There will be one awardee per year for a 3-Year programme.

What can make me lose my scholarship?

The Awardee is expected to achieve a minimum CPA of 50% at the end of each academic year. Sponsorship will cease with immediate effect in case of failure.

Responsibility and good behaviour are expected. Your scholarship will be at risk if you do not, for example, regularly attend your lectures.

If you move offshore, or abandon study, you will forfeit future payments. You should immediately notify the University and PwC in case of withdrawal from the course.

Do I have to work for PwC once I finish my degree?

PwC Scholarship recipients are under no obligation to work for us on completion of study, but we hope that the relationships you have developed, and the experience you have gained during your internship with us will make this a very attractive option.

What sort of grades do I have to achieve to receive further payments?

To be eligible for ongoing payments, we require you to pass all papers studied and achieve a minimum CPA of 50% for each academic year. If for any reason you fail a paper or number of papers, PwC reserves the right to withhold further payments. Hopefully this will be an added incentive to do your very best, and make the most of your learning opportunities!

Can I work for PwC?

As part of this programme you will be required to make yourself available for internship with PwC at the end of each Semester (normally for the period June/July and December/January) for period of approximately 2 months. It will give you the opportunity to find out more about our profession and people.

If I did work for you, what would I be doing?

We will endeavour to provide you with an opportunity to experience the same type of work you would be performing as a graduate at PwC - and our goal would be to ensure this is the most fulfilling learning experience possible for you.

What happens once I have been informed I've won the Scholarship?

Once our awardee has been announced, we will invite you at our office to present you your Scholarship. We will then keep in contact with you on a regular basis.

What sort of career opportunities exists within PwC?

Each year we take a large number of graduates across the country into the various lines of service of PwC. To find out more about these areas, please click here .

Once I have submitted my application form, what does the process entail?

All applications from students recommended to us by the University of Mauritius (Faculty of Law and Management) will be reviewed and shortlisted. These students will be invited for an interview. It will be an opportunity for you to find out more about PwC, tell us about your aspirations, and look around our offices.

Why is PwC undertaking this scholarship programme?

PwC places a very high value on education and as part of this commitment we’ve created our PwC Scholarship Programmes to help tomorrow’s business leaders achieve maximum potential during their academic studies. At the same time we hope to provide you with all the information you might need to make decisions about a future business career and the type of employer you would like to work for.

Am I guaranteed a graduate position at PwC if I win this scholarship?

While there are no guarantees on work placement, we certainly hope that a high number of our PwC Scholarship awardees will end up working for us.

I am a HSC student, but intending to go to university next year. Am I eligible for a Pw Scholarship?

Not yet. We are selecting students who have secured admission for a full-time undergraduate degree with the Faculty of Law and Management of the University of Mauritius. However, we may develop such a programme in a near future.

Other important information

  • The PwC Scholarships will be conditional on satisfactory academic performance and the development of a mutually satisfactory relationship between the scholarship recipient and PwC, resulting from University internship employment.
  • PwC has the right to withdraw support at the beginning of each academic year if these conditions are not met. It may turn out a selected awardee does not match the culture of PwC, in which case PwC also has the right to withdraw the scholarship.
  • Recipients are obliged to make themselves available for a 2-month internship with PwC during University holidays at the end of each semester. It is anticipated that as a result of developing a relationship, recipients may wish to seek permanent employment with PwC.
  • A PwC Scholarship may not be accepted in conjunction with another corporate scholarship

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