Environmental Sustainability

Over the last several years the automotive industry has witnessed the formation of a number of global alliances (VW-Skoda, Renault-Nissan, GM-Daewoo, etc). Each business combination brings with it a variety of serious environmental and sustainability issues that require manufacturers and parts suppliers to share environmental information and manage risks during the transition process. Manufacturers are keen to optimise their environmental impact and communicate the positive steps they are taking to NGOs and other public interest groups.

Increasingly, environmental considerations — and public input — are driving manufacturers’ decisions as to the mix of materials used in manufacturing (steel, aluminium, glass, plastics), which affect the choice of suppliers; the type of engine (gasoline, electric, hybrid, hydrogen, LPG) which impacts production technologies; and end of vehicle life which requires an adapted use of materials and components. It is necessary to envision this evolution from a life cycle perspective (production, use, and end of life) to assess the global impact of proposed changes.

How PwC can help you

PwC offers an integrated range of services that help to address automotive industry’s sustainability issues, including:

  • Environmental Due diligence
  • Assistance in the selection and implementation of an adapted EMIS
  • ISO 14001 and SME implementation
  • Social and environmental regulatory evaluation at supplier plants
  • Sustainable Development performance reporting
  • Evaluation of environmental rational for marketing purposes
  • Environmental evaluation of car production scenarios (suppliers choice, material choice) with Life Cycle Assessment, recommendations for improvements, eco-efficiency assessment
  • Eco-design: in-house assistance to provide designers with relevant environmental information throughout the design process
  • Design and evaluation of Product Service System (PSS) from a sustainability point of view

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