The urgent need for sophisticated leadership

Today, leaders are asked to lead in a world that is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced. As described in PwC’s ADAPT framework, the world is facing significant and increasingly urgent challenges that are affecting individuals, organisations, governments and society alike.

These trends are coming fast and are impacting decision making today. One thing is clear, the need for a new form of leadership has never been more critical.

There are six paradoxes which are becoming increasingly important for leaders to navigate. These are not the only paradoxes leaders face, but the ones most urgent in today’s context and will remain important in the future. The paradoxes impact each other and all need to be balanced simultaneously. To truly differentiate yourself as a leader, learning how to comfortably inhabit both elements of each paradox will be critical to your success.

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The six paradoxes of leadership

Blair Sheppard, PwC Global Leader for Strategy and Leadership, discusses the Six paradoxes of leadership | Duration 13:29

Blair Sheppard, Global Leader, Strategy and Leadership for the PwC network discusses the six paradoxes of leadership for a changing world

Six paradoxes of leadership defined

How do you navigate a world that is increasingly both global and local?

How do you navigate the politics of getting things to happen and retain your character?

How do you have the confidence to act in an uncertain world and the humility to recognise when you are wrong?

How do you execute effectively while also being highly strategic?

How do you become increasingly tech savvy and remember that organisations are run by people, for people?

How do you use the past to help direct your future success?

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"Pressure is mounting on business leaders to ensure decision making in the new world is not only multi-dimensional, but also impactful - to drive positive actions across organisations and the society at large. It won’t be easy for sure as more decision scenarios are accompanied by increasing complexities. It requires a mindset that can use contradicting ideas to turn unfavourable situations around and eventually, emerge stronger."

Winston Nesfield, Partner, Strategy&, PwC Singapore

Hear PwC leaders speaking about the six paradoxes

In this video series, Blair Sheppard,​ PwC Global Leader for Strategy and Leadership, interviews​ PwC leaders who each exemplifies one of the paradoxes.



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