Valuations and financial modeling

We offer the latest analytical procedures and comprehensive financial valuation models that reflect not only the functioning of a valued company but also macroeconomic and industrial trends in which the company operates and by which a company is influenced

Today’s most innovative organisations are seeking to unlock greater value from existing assets and ongoing capital expenditures — as well as new acquisitions, investments and complex corporate arrangements. At the same time, regulators are demanding greater transparency through fair value reporting, putting more emphasis on the importance of valuation and value analysis. We guarantee that our valuations will bring quality to your business, since our colleagues (Raimonds Dauksts, Gerds Ivuskans and Irina Eremeeva) are certified to do valuations.


Valuation purpose


Valuation of businesses, assets and intellectual property (intangible assets) in acquisitions, sales of business shares, mergers, joint ventures and strategic alliances. 


Insolvency proceedings

Valuation in connection with the reorganization, revitalization or liquidation of companies in financial distress, the preparation of expert opinions for creditor committees, courts, insolvency trustees or financially distressed companies themselves. Based on financial plans prepared by the PwC restructuring team, we compare alternatives of possible future developments including quantifying the impact on a company's value.


Valuation of businesses, and their parts or equity stakes for tax group restructuring proposed by PwC tax specialists. Valuation of assets, determining the cost of equity and/or cost of debt to assess compliance with the arm’s length (transfer pricing) principle. 

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Financial reporting

Assessment, identification and valuation of intangible assets, the revaluation of tangible assets in the post-acquisition Purchase Price Allocation procedure (PPA) under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Testing for potential impairment. 


Support in litigation, arbitration and other dispute resolutions

Expert testimonies and reviews in corporate litigations, loss of profit calculations, compensation, etc., based on an in-depth and independent analysis by our experts in the field of valuation. In cooperation with the PwC forensic team we participate in arbitration and other means of resolving various disputes in the role of financial experts, resolving the valuation-related issues. 


Financial modeling

Financial models are used to support almost every critical business decision. It is essential that you have confidence in your model, to ensure the information you are working with is accurate when making decisions which impact the future of your business.

We design and deliver financial models tailored to your business needs and use our bespoke model review methodology to provide the comfort you need to make critical decisions for your business.

Potential triggers:

  • You are developing and expanding your business, and third-party support requires a standardised presentation of your business so that your deal can be properly understood and compared with others.
  • Your business partners or investors require a third-party review.
  • You need an audit of your financial models and a review of your business.
  • You need advice and guidance from a professional team who understand your business and can present it externally.

 How we can help you:

  • Our financial modeling team creates tools to support clients in analyzing the financial outcomes of business decisions. We analyze data and business objectives so as to best adjust the model to the client’s individual needs and the distinctive nature of the sector, in close collaboration with client representatives and other stakeholders.
  •  We make use of best practices in financial modeling and the international experience of PwC’s sector specialists, to create practical tools that enable our clients to react to changing business conditions.


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