Tax Managed Services

Many organizations are struggling to maintain their core support functions during these challenging times. Effectively leveraging managed services can help companies not only lower fixed costs and manage cash by reducing their back-office footprint. Managed services can also form the cornerstone of a dynamic and flexible business model that is key to business continuity. Tax functions are more complex and require a higher degree of skill and insight than the routine back-office functions that companies traditionally outsource.

Our Tax Managed Services (TMS) support your end-to-end tax needs, promote business continuity and boost savings and value. Our personnel possess deep knowledge of tax operations and maintain a business-aligned perspective obtained through extensive industry experience. We also have the flexibility to scale our services as needed and can deliver comprehensive tax solutions across the full tax lifecycle - from provision to compliance - or focus on addressing your specific area(s) of need.

The advantages of using our TMS

One of the major benefits of leveraging TMS is lower operating costs. We can leverage our scale to provide services for less than it would cost the company to employ a full-time staff member to provide equivalent support.

Leveraging TMS allows your company to easily and cost-effectively scale up or scale down the support you need. Many companies opt to engage us for retainer services only and convert to timebased advisory or fixed fee-based compliance when needed.

A managed services provider should have the appropriate measures in place to ensure little-tono disruption, allowing a company to focus on their core business operations and customers. TMS ensure that required operational activities continue, regardless of extraordinary events that can impact operations.

Our managed services professionals are prepared to operate in a virtual environment, as that is a core competency, and we continue to make significant investments in emerging technologies, virtual communication platforms and staff training. We are also agile and can pivot as required between onsite and virtual support.

How we can support you

Retainer service for day to day tax advisory

  • Advisory on short or relatively simple tax inquiries on daily transactions and operations
  • Dedicated resources at manager level with 5 or more years of tax experience
  • Timely response provided over the phone or via email

Loan staff and/or insourcing

  • Onsite/offsite in-house tax support for your temporary needs including data collection and analysis
  • Project management through interaction with various internal functions across the globe

Reporting support and other tax services

Registered tax manager service: Serving as a designated tax agent for communications with tax office

Tax accounting and compliance support

Corporate secretarial and legal service

Small automation /simplification in tax process

Tax governance & risk management services

Review of tax governance & internal tax control process

Tax health-checks

Compliance management: dashboard for offshore branches and/or subsidiaries

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