People & Organisation Services

People are the most valuable assets of any organization. Our People & Organisation service professionals assist our clients in resolving their people-related business issues. Drawing on our extensive experience across a variety of disciplines, we are well positioned to provide tailored and integrated people solutions. 

How we can support you

Global Mobility Services
  • Assist domestic and global multinational companies with the creation and efficient management of their global workforce deployment strategy 
  • Examine a company’s global mobility program to assess whether it meets tax compliance needs, tax audit challenges, and cost management constraints
  • Assist a company in developing compensation package to neutralize the effect of global assignment on an employee’s personal income tax liability 
  • Help a company identify income and social tax filing requirements and procedures in the countries where its workforce is deployed
  • Assist a company in estimating its mobility related costs considering tax effects


Reward & Benefit Services
  • Design and implementation of the client’s equity-based compensation plan
    • Analise a company’s existing equity-based compensation arrangements and provide advice on equity-based incentive alternatives, tax considerations, and benefits & challenges
    • Help a company select the right equity-based compensation scheme that fits for its strategy
    • Assist a company in designing, implementing and operating equity-based compensation programs for its executives and employees (including employees of foreign subsidiaries)
    • Provide advice on tax treatment, reporting obligations and other compliance requirements 
    • Facilitate appropriate employee communication or assist employees with tax compliance procedures
  • Assist a company in reviewing or restructuring reward & benefits package of foreign executives 
  • Analise tax effect of various types of long-term incentive plans such as equity-based compensation, deferred compensation, profit interests, carried interests, or co-investment plan etc.


High Net Worth Individual Services
  • Provide advice on tax planning and compliance to help clients stay compliant with regulations and requirements
  • Analise tax issues that may arise from the transfer of tax residency or assets to foreign countries and help the client resolve double taxation
  • Provide advice on cross-border investment considerations such as tax implications of acquisition, holding and disposition of foreign shares or foreign property
  • Provide comprehensive advice on personal income tax issues and support for petitions for tax refund or advance ruling, etc.