Requesting an Employment Verification (For Retirees or Leavers)

If you have retired or left PwC Korea, you can request an ‘Employment Verification’ by sending an email to ( with the following information:

Type of Verification: You can request an Employment Verification (available in Korean or English), a Leave of Absence Verification (available in Korean only), or a Award & Disciplinary Verification (available in Korean only).

① Name (Mandatory): Please provide your full name.

② Date of Birth (Mandatory): Please provide your date of birth.

③ Last Organization in PwC Korea: Please provide the name of the last organization (Team/Business unit) you were part of in PwC Korea.

④ Additional Information (Optional): If applicable, please provide details of any transferred entities, rehires, etc.

Please note: If you wish to include or exclude specific details such as your leave of absence history or your identity number, please specify this in your email.

※ Current employee should submit an application via H-link.

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