Korean Public Sector R&D Centre (K-PSRC)

Public sector’s role is becoming ever more important in today’s fast changing society. Korea's Public Sector R&D Centre provides all-encompassing services specialized in strategies, organizational restructuring, human resource management/development, accounting/budgeting/financial performance, risk management, operational process improvement, construction of informationization strategies and systems for governments and public institutions.

Our Roles

Developing Idea & Insight
Utilizing Mega Trends
Fostering Thought Leaders
Shared Contents Creation
Dissemination of Knowledge
Collaboration with Others


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Contact us

Gyu-Seob Yoon

Partner, South Korea

Tel: +82 2 709 0313

Byoung-Il Kim

Partner, South Korea

Tel: +82 2 709 7079

Kim Dong-Su

Partner, South Korea

Tel: +82 2 709 8931

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