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The financial service industry is under a torrent of restructuring and serves as an important indicator of the current Korean economic circumstances. In an ever-changing environment, our clients need highly skilled professionals having an in-depth knowledge of the particular circumstances and issues surrounding the financial sevice industry.

We are comprised of specialized teams with commitment to and expertise in the banking, securities and insurance sectors. Through these specialized teams, we provide our clients with industry-specific and innovative solutions to issues that impact the financial service industry, such as financial risk management, information and technology, security control, mergers and acquisitions, and various regulatory changes and tax issues.

Leveraging PwC's international financial services expertise and human resources networks, Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers has been recognized for our distinctive achievements in the global IPO and other financial services markets and for our contributions to driving the enhancements of client value.

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Market & Growth Leader
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FS Industry Leader
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