Audit and assurance

Samil PwC's assurance group provides assurance on the financial performance and operations of your business. We can also help your business improve its external financial reporting and adapt to new regulatory requirements.

Samil PwC's assurance group can also help your organization report externally on non-financial information, strengthen its corporate governance procedures, and achieve social and economic goals related to corporate sustainability.

Audit services of PwC Korea places great emphasis on reliability and transparency of corporate finance and transactions.

Financial statement audit

Audits of financial statements of entities subject to external audit in accordance with of relevant regulatory standards, shareholders and investors, other users of financial information; audits of specific elements, accounts or items of a financial statement; review of prospective financial information.

Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services: CMAAS

Capital Markets Services
Services related to cross-border IPOs, cross-border offerings including 144A/RegS and other capital market advisory services;

 A guide to listing on the Korean Exchange


Accounting Advisory Services

Services related to IFRS/US GAAP conversions, preparation of carve-out financial statements, and other accounting advisory services relating to adoptions of new accounting policies and complex accounting issues.

Audit committee related services

Coordination of professionals and provision of services relating to core areas where the audit committee has the oversight responsibility such as financial reporting, internal control, risk management and internal audits.

Internal audit & GRC

Internal audit advisory services; internal audit outsourcing / co-sourcing support; diagnostic services relating to risk management system; building fraud risk management system; regulatory compliance industry advisory.

Data & digital assurance

Data analytics and data governance powered by Artificial Intelligence; process mining with actual data flow; Service Organization Controls Reporting (SOC1, SOC2, SOC3); IT risk assessment.

Internal Control over Financial Reporting advisory service

Combine compliance expertise and technology-enabled solutions to drive quality and balance cost within your K SOX program allowing internal resources to focus on higher risk, strategic activities: high quality efficient testing, to risk mitigation solutions and solving for complex deficiency issues.

Anti-dumping · countervailing duties investigation advisory service

Consultation on pre-/post strategies against international trade investigations such as anti-dumping / countervailing duty / safeguard; advisory service on trade remedy application and complaint.

Blockchain(Cryptocurrency & ICO) advisory service

Blockchain related market research; advisory on technology adoption; advisory service and regulation review of cryptocurrency exchange establishment; regulation review; risk assessment and controls implementation for ICO company.

Actuarial and insurance management solutions

Advisory services on insurance intrinsic value calculation, M&A and overseas markets expansion; impact analysis in response to environmental change in insurance industry such as IFRS 17 and Korean-Insurance Capital Standards (K-ICS); advisory services on system establishment.

Forensic Services

Forensic investigation & e-discovery; ABAC related services; Internal audit support etc.

Easy View

Worldwide Easy View is a new data analytics service in a subscription model where clients can monitor their business and operation across the globe. Data sharing and preprocessing are automated, and subscribers are always able to analyze their domestic and overseas operation on PwC’s Data Platform website.

XBRL reporting advisory service

Advisory service on structuring company-level taxonomy and reporting XBRL information on a periodic basis. Samil PwC has developed a digital tool called "Smart XBRL" that significantly increases the efficiency in XBRL reporting advisory service.  

Trust Service

There has been an increasing demand for corporate transparency and reliability by its employees and external stakeholders. They also hold high expectations for companies to deliver social values. It is crucial for companies to maintain trust to its internal and external counterparts not only to gain competitive advantage but also to contribute to sustainable management strategies and long-term business growth. 

To preemptively respond to these changes in the market, Samil PwC offers wide range of Trust Services by enhancing/providing trust through leveraging its resources and technology.

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