Nonprofit organization tax service

We bring a wealth of knowhow on differences and specificities of nonprofit corporations in the fields of public, medical, educational, and nonprofit industrial organizations.  Drawing on their extensive experience in accounting and tax advisory for tens of years, our nonprofit organization professionals have helped clients understand evolving changes in accounting, tax and regulatory issues. They have also proactively engaged in professional, academic and public activities including researches, technical writings, workshops and seminars. In order to converge such activities, Samil PwC formed a Nonprofit Corporation Service Center’ in July 2016, the first of its kind in the accounting industry and has enriched our capacity in nonprofit-specific areas.

How we can support you

  • Advise the incorporation of a nonprofit corporation
  • Advise the audit and accounting standards for public-interest organizations
  • Advise divisional accounting by profit and non-profit business line.
  • Tax compliance and advisory service for nonprofit organizations
  • Assist with tax audit defense and appeal procedures.
  • Assist with application for rulings to obtain tax exempt status and assistance in communicating with tax authorities for controversy resolutions.
  • Pre-tax audit and identification of issues to be tackled or opportunities 
  • Provide technical training on the accounting and taxation of nonprofit organizations
  • Regulatory service in pursuit of proposing changes that could help improve the accounting or taxation of and statutory systems for nonprofit organizations