Corporate restructuring tax advisory

Increasingly, clients face diverse needs for corporate restructuring to achieve business rationalization, long-term development, sustainability or competitive edge in the market. An appropriate restructuring plan which blends financial and tax considerations proves beneficial for companies to successfully meet their business goals such as creation of shareholder value, increase in liquidity through attractions of investment and better business performance.  It also has the effect of achieving the balance and combination of centralization of core business and decentralization, the improvement of corporate governance and transparency, the facilitation of effective business succession planning, integrated approach to the supervision of management board, business specialization, easier access to financing and reduction in business risk exposures.

Our corporate structuring service professionals can be instrumental in setting up an optimal corporate structure, reducing tax costs and risks, and enhancing corporate value.

Also, we design corporate restructuring models and provide relevant tax advice to be aligned with each client’s business rationalization and long-term development strategy.

How we can support you

  • Perform an analysis/simulation of restructuring strategy alternatives.
  • Identify appropriate and tax-efficient financial structures by calculating the tax effect of restructuring strategy on stakeholders’ value
  • Advise on holding company conversions or de-conversions.
  • Assist with management schedules and related filing, documentation and registration.
  • Establish restructuring implementation plans including M&A ratio calculation and feasibility studies.
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