Private equity service

As the domestic and global M&A markets grow, an increasing focus is given to the role of private equity funds as the key M&A players and their significant influence on the markets.  When private equity fund managers are looking to make investment, it is imperative to consider tax issues which inevitably arise to create higher value and design the acquisition structure and financing in a tax efficient manner.   Our dedicated private equity professionals are highly experienced in advising major domestic and foreign private equity funds and provide a broad range of tax advisory services in all stages of making, managing and existing investments.

How we can support you

  • Tax due diligence on target company or assets 
  • Advise fund structuring and financing in acquisitions
  • Create or review tax models
  • Review SPA/BTA/JV agreements and other transaction agreements
  • Post-acquisition service of tax filing agent (acquisition tax filing and advice for majority shareholders, consolidated tax return filing, etc.)
  • Tax advice on merger/recapitalization/refinancing strategy for SPC and an acquired company
  • Tax health check of a target company and tax audit assistance
  • Tax advisory services on exiting investments (tax advice/tax audit assistance for exits, filing service for overseas investment vehicles, etc.)
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