Local tax advisory

Samil PwC Local Tax Team comprises professionals who are dedicated to local tax services. Drawing on their extensive experience and knowledge, they stay ahead of various evolving changes in local tax legislation and administrative policy changes. Local taxpayers can be most individuals and companies in Korea, and foreigners who directly or indirectly invest in the country can also be taxpayers. The percentage share of of local tax to the total national tax revenue (20% at present) is expected to grow constantly along with the development of the local autonomy system. Consequently, a diverse and wide-ranging number of local tax implications will arise as local governments may take different positions to an issue and have a very complicated taxation system that can vary in tax rate and tax benefit according to municipal ordinances. Our local tax professionals have helped clients solve various and complex local tax issues not only for domestic companies but foreign-invested companies.

How we can support you

  • Provide local tax filing and compliance services
  • Assist with tax audit and tax controversy resolution in relation to local tax issues or challenges
  • Assist with filing of amended local tax returns and application for local tax reassessment
  • Assist with an application for rulings from the local tax authorities
  • Provide local tax health-check