Inheritance and gift tax advisory

We assist clients with a proper succession planning which is designed to avoid possible risk of dispute between successive generations, maximize the benefits of assets and ultimately enable a company to make a decision on business or assets transfer to their best interest.  While the taxation of business or asset transfer has been strengthened, establishing an appropriate tax master plan that addresses comprehensively tax, accounting and other regulatory issues and provides solutions is crucial in order to minimize exposure to inheritance and gift taxation.

The lack of comprehensive plan for asset or wealth transfer should bring about an excessive tax burden. We help our client create a successful transfer plan tailored to its specific needs using our technical expertise and extensive experiences so as to minimize tax and administrative cost.

Also, we provide end-to-end service from the planning to the implementation of business succession strategy, including the compliance, relevant tax audit assistance and tax controversy resolution.  Also, we support our client in order to ensure that the implementation of succession plans and strategy should be performed in a way to reduce detriments and enhance benefits of the business succession from the inheritance and gift tax perspective.

How we can support you

  • Advise succession planning
  • Advise generation-to-generation transfer of business, assets, etc.
  • Advise the transfer of ownership or distribution of assets in order to meet clients’ goal in establishing the desired business succession structure
  • Identify a tax efficient Tax Master Plan to minimize inheritance and gift tax exposures
  • Assist with inheritance and gift tax compliance
  • Assist with tax audit in relation to inheritance and gift tax issues or challenges
  • Assist with tax controversy procedures and application for rulings in the area of inheritance and gift tax