Inbound planning and structuring

Foreign businesses investing in Korea must keep abreast of tax, legislative and regulatory developments which can potentially affect tax benefits for investment and have tax implications upon the business exit. It is important to understand their impact on business operations and develop a comprehensive investment plan that addresses exit strategies and considerations in the early planning stage.

Our inbound investment tax professionals are highly experienced in addressing these issues, related impacts and all aspects of international taxation. Leveraging their wealth of work experiences and know-how, they can provide guidance on the most tax efficient investment structure as well as solutions to various tax issues that may occur during business operation and withdrawal stages. They also provide a broad range of services for foreign companies making new or additional investment to ensure the timely fulfilment of tax obligations.

How can we support?

  • Perform an analysis of the optimum business type for investment and management purposes and assistance with incorporation
  • Analyze a tax-efficient capital structure and advise an investor’s country selection
  • Assess the applicability of tax exemption benefits for foreign-invested entities and filing service for tax exemptions
  • Provide tax due diligence and structuring service in foreign acquisitions of domestic companies
  • Advise tax-efficient exit strategy and liquidation/ business closure procedures
  • Advise various cross-border transactions (royalties, service fees, cost sharing agreements, head office-branch transactions, etc.)
  • Provide business process outsourcing for local subsidiaries or branches of foreign companies, including bookkeeping, payroll and HR function, tax filing and cash management, etc.
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