Inbound Planning & Structuring

The exit tax cost (i.e. the inability to take certain tax benefits and/ or actual tax) of a foreign invested company may depend on the entity’s business type, capital structure and location of the company. Careful planning is required to develop a tax-efficient exit strategy prior to making an investment in Korea.

A foreign invested company can minimize tax costs and maximize after tax cash inflow by qualifying for tax reductions or exemptions at the beginning of the foreign investment.
We have accumulated significant experience designing and setting up tax efficient investment structures that foreign investors can use as a vehicle for making investments into Korea.

Our inbound planning & structuring services include:

  • Perform an analysis and recommend the most suitable business formation based on the objective of the business operation/investment.
  • Analyze and recommend a tax efficient capital structure.
  • Perform an analysis of the possibility of obtaining tax reduction or tax exemption available to certain foreign invested companies.
  • Provide due diligence and structuring service.
  • Perform an analysis of and recommend a tax-efficient exit strategy.

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