Outbound Planning & Structuring

Overseas investments by Korean companies enable them to compete in the global market. However, a company may be vulnerable to certain risks if investments and business expansion is made without careful planning. Uncertainties and risks of the investment can be minimized by reviewing in advance major tax issues that may present themselves during the operation of the subsidiary as well as upon exiting out of the overseas investment.

We can assist companies to maximize after-tax cash flow by minimizing potential tax costs and establish a tax efficient investment structure.
We also assist companies in securing a stronghold for overseas investment and expansion by establishing a favorable investment structure for re-investment of the profit of the foreign subsidiary.

Our outbound planning & structuring services include:

  • Analysis of tax environment including tax exemptions granted by the country where the investment would be made.
  • Selection of a tax favorable location for the overseas holding company and the operating company.
  • Changing the existing structure to include a holding company by changing the ownership chain.
  • Advice on tax-efficient overseas investment funding strategies.
  • Advice on tax-efficient exit strategies.
  • Incorporation-related services to establish a foreign branch or subsidiary of a Korean company.

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