Outbound planning and structuring

With overseas investment by domestic companies constantly growing, companies find opportunities to remain more competitive through business expansion. Tax issues can inevitably arise when entering overseas markets. Without careful planning, entering new markets can result in exposing companies to increased risk of being challenged globally.

We can help companies identify and design efficient investment structure which can help minimize potential tax costs and facilitate after-tax liquidity. We can also design a favorable investment structure to minimize future uncertainties and risks of overseas subsidiaries by addressing prospective issues that could arise in making reinvestment of profits and implementing investment exits.

With extensive experience and expertise accumulated through joint engagement with the PwC global network, our outbound service professionals provide companies with outbound planning and structuring to ensure alignment with their strategic goals of business expansion and value creation.

How can we support?

  • Assist with the incorporation or liquidation of a foreign entity
  • Assist investment-related negotiations (with investment partners, government agencies of investment destinations, etc.)
  • Advise on investment structuring (equity structure, capital structure, profit recovery structure, etc.)
  • Tax advice on cross-border M&A
  • Global tax management support for existing overseas business places (tax health-check, tax audit assistance)
  • Advise on restructuring of overseas business
  • Advise on foreign tax credit and taxation of retained earnings in controlled foreign corporation
  • Advise on tax credits available for overseas investment
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