How can you offer your products and services in a way that is both fun and engaging?


Gamification allows you to shift your sales into higher gear by incorporating competitive gaming to make your products and services more appealing to customers.

It could be as simple as offering reward points for customer transactions and activities to create competition among customers. Whichever form you choose, you need to make sure that

  • the gaming elements you introduce are closely related to your core activity;
  • the rules are easy to understand;
  • the tasks and objectives are challenging, but also manageable;
  • customer progress is measurable;
  • you include some unexpected element;
  • you provide timely feedback on the results achieved.

Objectives and business benefits

Apart from the sense of gratification generated by games and competition, the objective is of course to reap specific business benefits. If well implemented, gamification can help you

  • maintain your customers’ interest;
  • increase their activity;
  • retain customers and strengthen their loyalty;
  • bolster your reputation; and
  • generate new purchases, either directly or indirectly.

How to put gamification into practice?

The underlying idea is simple, but developing solutions that actually work is not. The basic elements such as point collection, top lists, games and awards are only enough to get you started. To succeed, you need to

  • get to know your customers (segmentation and target groups);
  • have a creative idea;
  • determine metrics for success; and
  • develop a flexible and engaging platform, and continuously monitor your processes to maintain interest.


Antal Kerekes

Antal Kerekes

Partner, PwC Hungary

Gábor Oltyán

Gábor Oltyán

Senior Manager, PwC Hungary

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