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What is esport all about?

According to the most common definition, electronic sports, or esport is defined as professional players competing in video games in an organized manner. The mechanics of esport are not so different from traditional sports. Professional players are competing in different games and viewers get what has been the foundation of entertainment for thousands of years: community experience.

Why is this interesting for business?

Due to the unexpected and explosive growth of the esport market, economic players are now looking for opportunities of getting involved in the industry. For new players entering the esport arena, it’s crucial to look into the historic development of esport, the direction its development may take and the role they can potentially play in its future.

How may we help your business?


  • Leveraging PwC’s ‘Experience Centre’ to create an unparalleled viewer experience
  • Advice in relation to government regulations for tournament organisation
  • Advising on IT acquisitions, general commercial procurement and supply chain arrangements
  • Assurance reports
  • Tax advisory for operators in multiple territories


  • Esport strategy formulation and implementation
  • Supporting the development of esport regulation framework
  • Urban masterplan design for e-sports infrastructure
  • Infrastructure financing
  • Advising on revenue sharing and events & facilities management

Sponsors and Advertisers

  • Supporting the development of a custom made sponsorship portfolio
  • Advising on advertising, sponsorship and merchandise arrangements, including endorsement and appearance agreements
  • Data analytics for campaign effectiveness  

Media and Broadcasters

  • Development of esport market entry strategy
  • Customer analytics to identify optimal television broadcast schedule to maximise number of viewers
  • Tax considerations for new business models in evolving tax environment
  • Advising on media and broadcasting matters

Developers and Publishers

  • Monetisation strategy and path to profitability
  • Merger and acquisition / vertical integration advice
  • Advising on IP development, assignment, licensing and commercialisation arrangements

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